Samvera Connect 2020: Workshops

Thursday 22nd October, 2020

Build a simple media-streaming Rails app

Phuong Dinh, Indiana University, DevOps

Jon Cameron, Indiana University

1.5 hour workshop (1:00pm - 2:30pm ET).  All welcome but particularly suited to developers. Max: 20 persons

This workshop will provide a general overview of streaming media technologies and applications, as well as a hands-on portion where participants will configure a simple Rails application with a streaming server.
Topics will include a brief overview of commonly used streaming servers and applications, both local and cloud-hosted; file formats and codecs; streaming media protocols and their differences; and browser support. The workshop component will include a walk-through of setting up Nginx as a streaming server, building a Rails app with stream security and authorization. Docker containers will be provided.

A Linux or Mac laptop with Docker and docker-compose installed

Slide pack can be downloaded here.

Flexible Metadata in Hyrax and Friends with Allinson Flex 

Rob Kaufman, Notch8, Founding Partner, Senior Developer

Jim Halliday, Indiana University

3 hour workshop (11:00am - 2:00pm ET).  All welcome but particularly suited to developers, repository managers and metadata professionals

  • Overview of the M3 schema
  • Requirements and Installation for Allinson Flex
  • Overview of Allinson Flex usage
  • Constraints and next steps discussion

Allinson Flex brings on the fly user editable M3 metadata schemas to Hyrax and repositories built with similar components. We'll dive deep into what the M3 schema is and how it is structured, how Allinson Flex works today and what our plans for the future bring. Workshop will be divided into 2 parts. Part 1 will be a feature overview and discussion / dive into how M3 schemas are laid out. Part 2 will be a hands on installation and configuration of the Allinson Flex tools and a code dive into certain features.

Part 1 - The ability to open and potentially edit YAML and JSON files (any basic text editor will work here)
Part 2 - The ability to run docker containers, specifically with docker-compose. We'll distribute images ahead of time to keep the pace going in the workshop

Slide pack can be downloaded here.

Hyrax & Hyku: A Hands-On User Side Intro 

Crystal Richardson, Notch8, Operations

Kevin Kochanski, Notch8, Client Liaison Officer

George Wheeler, Notch8

1.5 hour workshop (1:00pm - 2:30pm ET).  All welcome but particularly suited to administrators, repository managers and newcomers to the Samvera Community.  Max: 12 persons

Gain a hands-on understanding of Hyrax and Hyku basic capabilities

  • Understand the practical differences between Hyrax and Hyku

Make your very own repository! Hyrax and Hyku are popular Samvera software solutions that respond to many repository use cases - ETD's, special collections, publication of organization documents and artifacts, etc. There are even hosted, turnkey Hyku services available, which make these solutions approachable for users with few technical resources. However, among a field of repository options, it can be difficult to see through the technical jargon to understand just what Hyrax and Hyku offer the user, and what the difference is between the two platforms. Notch8 will lead a 90-minute user-side, hands-on walkthrough of Hyku, offering a broad preview of what these platforms are capable of. In this workshop, users will:

  • Explore the public interface, including search and browse
  • Explore the user dashboard, including creating and editing a work
  • Explore the admin dashboard, including admin sets and collections management"

Your own computer with a standard internet browser - preferably Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

Slide pack can be downloaded here.

Samvera for AULs: how the Samvera Community can be part of your digital strategy 

Alicia Morris, Tufts University, Assistant Director, Tisch Library, Resource Management and Repository Services

Nabeela Jaffer, University of Michigan, Program Manager, Digital Library Applications

Karen Cariani, WGBH, Boston, David O. Ives Executive Director, WGBH Media Library and Archives

Chris Awre, University of Hull, UK, Interim University Librarian and Associate Director (Collections, Learning & Research) | University Library

1.5 hour. workshop (1:00pm - 2:30pm ET). All welcome but particularly suited to administrators, managers and senior staff at AUL level or above, involved in strategic planning.  Max: 20 persons

  • A knowledge of the Samvera Community, how it is structured and how it operates
  • A detailed appreciation of the Samvera vision statement and key elements within this to showcase how they can be of benefit to a library's strategic planning and delivery
  • An understanding of the ways in which library staff can engage and benefit from participation in the Samvera Community, exploring the benefits of broader involvement with colleagues beyond a local library
  • An insight into the ways that technical developments within the Samvera Community can support digital strategy
  • An appreciation of the ways that Samvera can support digital content management requirements and connect different areas of library activity

The aim of this workshop is to provide a space where senior staff involved in strategic planning can be introduced to Samvera and the Community, to hear about how Samvera can make a positive contribution to their digital strategy and how to make this work for them and their staff. The content of the workshop will be akin to the Introduction to Samvera session that has run before, but will be additional to this and focused specifically on addressing the strategic benefits that AUL and senior staff in organisations seek when engaging with external initiatives. Attendees are encouraged to make use of this workshop to discover what makes Samvera tick and how this can align with local strategic planning. Alongside content delivery there will be a focus on discussion and questions to help identify what the Samvera Community can offer, and what it needs to offer, to meet local requirements.

Video link and downloadable slide pack here.

Samvera - Introduction to Community, Technology, and Value 

Robin Ruggaber, University of Virginia, Director of Strategic Technology, Partnerships & Initiatives at the University Library

Richard Green, Samvera, Operations Adviser

1.5 hour workshop (11:00 am - 12:30pm ET)  All welcome.  Max: 30 persons

  • Understand what Samvera is and how to participate
  • Understand how to use Samvera
  • Understand the value of Samvera

Samvera is a community, a set of tools, and a collection of ready-to run and hosted applications to help build a digital repository for your institution. The community drives the specification and development of sustainable open source technology and honing best practices for managing digital content. This workshop will provide an on-boarding and general entrée to the Samvera community and solutions for non-coders. The first part will provide an overview of Samvera solutions, hosting options and the community – what is it, why is it different? It will showcase applications solving a diverse set of needs and organizations, and discuss the how the community at large works to enable these. The second part will give a general technical overview designed for a non-technical audience. The resources needed to maintain and contribute to a hosted or custom Samvera solution will be discussed, resources that exist to get started will be highlighted plus how to contribute to the community technically and non-technically. The final part will discuss value and how to pitch Samvera and get institutional support. It will discuss the advantages of being part of the community and how that strengthens the sustainability of the tools, the applications, and the community overall.

Video link and downloadable slide pack here.

Valkyrie Hackathon 

Trey Pendragon, Princeton University, Digital Infrastructure Developer

Kate Lynch, University of Pennsylvania Libraries, Senior Application Developer

Anna Headley, Princeton University Library, Digital Infrastructure Developer at Princeton University Library

3 hour workshop (11:00am - 2:00pm ET).  All welcome but particularly suited to established and new developers in the community.  Max: 20 persons

Learn how Valkyrie works, what it is, and become a contributor to one of our projects!

The goal of this workshop is to get together, review quickly what Valkyrie is, look at some tickets, and work on the software together! We'll split into groups, pick tickets, and have fun with this miniature sprint.

A computer with a Ruby development environment