Date: 05/29/20

Time: 09:00 PDT/12:00 EDT - 10:00PDT/01:00EDT

Zoom: https://princeton.zoom.us/j/7739591625




  • Roadmap Council Updates
    • James was invited to serve as a representative for the Component Maintenance WG
    • James has attended two meetings
    • No actionable items have been identified for this WG yet, but there are Roadmap Council administrative changes being proposed for the next Partners Call in July
    • James will provide updates for these then
  • Summer 2020 Sprint Planning
    • The following meetings are proposed
      • Planning meeting at 12:00 PDT / 15:00 EDT
      • Daily stand-ups at 12:00 PDT / 15:00 EDT (up to 30 minutes in duration)
      • Retrospective meeting at 12:00 PDT / 15:00 EDT
    • All are available for this time
    • GitHub Project Board
      • All agreed to the usage of the current Samvera Project board with a dedicated milestone for the sprint
      • James will be organizing the project board for the sprint, and will issue an update on 06/01/20 in the #component-maintenance Channel at 09:00 PDT/12:00 EDT
    • Onboarding for new participants
      • DCE know of some developers who are newer to the community, and may be joining the sprint
      • James can offer to meet separately with developers for onboarding questions
        • There an also be engagement with these parties outside of WG calls
  • Scheduling Future Meetings
    • An alternative time following the weekly Samvera Tech meeting was proposed by James, but there are conflicts with a standing Hyrax WG meeting
    • The current date and time will still be used
  • Meeting adjourned at 09:20 PDT / 12:20 EDT