Time:12:00PM PST/03:00PM EST - 01:00PM PST/04:00PM EST

Zoom: https://princeton.zoom.us/j/7739591625




  • James will offer a Doodle Poll for the proposed weeks and share this by e-mail
  • DCE might have capacity to contribute to the sprint
    • Getting up to speed on Samvera work, pairing might be helpful
    • James will review sprint structuring and see about identifying some issues for pairing
    • This should include reviewing documentation and releasing Gems
  • James would like to see about setting some criteria regarding promotion of Gems
    • Who is using the project?
    • Have they been updated since January 2019?
    • This should be structured as issues for the GitHub Project Board
    • James will offer a Google Sheet for the next call regarding project promotion
    • Selecting samvera-labs Projects
      • There are indeed projects which are very specific to solution bundles
      • Should these be included? Maybe lower priorities for promotion if not excluded outright?
      • DockerHub?
  • James will assign reviews to WIP pull requests
  • Meeting adjourned at 15:29 EST