Time:12:00PM PST/03:00PM EST - 01:00PM PST/04:00PM EST

Zoom: https://princeton.zoom.us/j/7739591625




  • James need to follow up on Rails 6 support for components
  • Solar Vortex
    • Most of this work did not require intervention or assistance for the work there
    • Not much will need to be done moving ahead
  • Hyrax PR offered by Friesen
    • James will remove the test_files attribute from the gemspec files for the affected core components on GitHub
    • This will include for a patch release for each one of these changes
      • Having the PR in for each of those Gems, and then when the owner is ready for a release, this will get pulled into the release
      • Randall volunteered to assist with this
      • James will create the list, and divide up the work from this (individual issues will be created on each repository)
  • Promotion
    • Watching for candidates
    • Precedent was set iiif_manifest promotion
    • Regardless of what this group would consider a core component, James would like to continue watching for potential future core components
      • Where there is interest and a need, facilitate with the promotion process
  • Call for New Members
    • James will look to contact some interested parties and post to the mailing list

Meeting adjourned at 15:25 EST