January 14, 2020

4pm ET

To join the Meeting:

enter pass: hyrax 


Discussion Items:





Roadmap Council Update

  • Kevin Kochanski provided updates for Rob
    • Still on the search for PO
    • Roadmap council just released survey
    • Solar Vortex Conference - Dev congress is coming up? Not sure what the focus is, likely Hyrax/Valk
    • Question: Would be nice to hear next steps on what is happening with PO. But we are starting to talk to people. (Sounds like there are some options but still details to work out). 

Wiki Pages

Meeting pages follow old naming SIGAHR Meetings

Also this page Hyrax Interest Group

Notes:  Will start by renaming Sigahr pages to Hyrax Interest Group. 

Other items

MD interest group is updating the MAP for Hyrax 3.0 

Working group is starting up on Monday, waiting to hear about status of 3.0...A blocker is almost done.