Time: 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT - 02:00PM PDT/05:00PM EDT

Zoom: https://princeton.zoom.us/j/7739591625



  • Princeton Repository and Geoblacklight Synchronization


  • James, Eliot, and Christina outlined and discussed the custom Samvera digital object repository (Figgy) and its synchronization with a GeoBlacklight implementation (https://maps.princeton.edu) at the Princeton University Library
  • After discussing the state of various attendees with regards to the desired path to implementing a Samvera repository for supporting geospatial content
    • New York University confirmed that there still exists a strong desire to explore the usage of solution like Samvera for managing digital assets
    • Washington University in St. Louis confirmed that there is an established plan to investigate possibly migrating from BePress to a Hyku implementation
    • University of Alberta discussed their current approach to using a Samvera repository (Jupiter) which has been implementing using Fedora as a storage backend
      • There are discussions within the U. Alberta regarding the flexibility of storage options which might be beneficial should the Samvera Valkyrie component be integrated into Jupiter
    • Auraria Library indicated that there are current plans underway to explore forming a task force in order to evaluate what would be involved in deploying and implementing a Samvera repository
  • Following these discussion points, it was proposed that an investigation be undertaken for common features used for enabling geospatial content management in Samvera repositories
    • James will address this by drafting a message calling for participation from members of the community in order to try and determine which features offered by Samvera repositories (e. g. synchronizing with GeoBlacklight) might be deemed necessary for those looking to manage geospatial repository content
    • James felt like as if it would be best to first avoid a survey, and will share a draft message with interested members of the IG following this meeting