June 11, 2019 Meeting




Discussion items

Latest work from Hyrax WGTom

Last for current resource group.  Locking in for next group.  2 devs now - but we need more.

Goal for now, wrap up a 3.0 release.  Not a final release - will be an RC, then wrap up remaining work from QA process.  

Need to figure out resourcing for rest of the year.

Hyrax Survey - may have people for next round with prior commitments and people who said they maybe could do it.

QA work - folks from Notch8, plan to engage the community if needed, but may be just plowing through it.  We'll close out 3.0 release with support from Kelly.  Whether those resources continue next cycle is TBD.

Notch 8 - Dedicated to seeing 3.0 roll out, let Rob know what is needed.

Roadmap Council UpdateSteve (or other RMC members)

RMC same day.  May need to look into that.  

Survey is going really well - 1/2 partners responded.  Can follow up as necessary.  What to do no matter partner contributions.  

Discuss transition and change.  What job looks like, supporting and steering.

Early look at survey - community is interested in seeing Hyrax RM completed.

Hyrax Valkyrie UpdateTom

next week - Monday is last of 4 scheduled Valkyrie sprints.  Carrying on productively.  At end of sprint cycle - make an announcement re: status of work.  Hopefully Wings adapter is in place, documentation there, will not have a complete switch-over for Hyrax codebase.  Not done with existing Hyrax code.  However - a strong apparent commitment from contributors to finish.  Tom will continue to do it, expect UCSB/SD to finish it.  Opportunity after the report to consider doing another organized sprint.  Goal: At Connect - demo how this was done with demo.  

Given commitments, looks really good.  

Staffing up - some of this is good for entry level

Lynette putting estimates of effort - level of difficulty

Resourcing HWG June-DecemberSteve

Tom and Steve will talk soon, reference survey and sort out what's next.

Resourcing other Hyrax workSteve/Nabeela

Batch Roundtripping of data - Notch8

From initial round of survey/ convos - Permissions work will happen

Analytics work - IMLS proposal to fund (Oregon U) 

Succession Process for PO/TLSteve

Succession planning - Ryan will look at it (Action item)

Codify that in an official way, codify it if 

Implement succession plan

Identify someone in next 6 weeks - then PO with them to get them used to the process.  Steve would stay on SIGAHR for meetings.  

How do we go about finding someone who's institution is willing to commit at that level?  If no one can, what's the backup plan?

Having a PO and TL for Hyrax is new, formalized roles were there for Sufia/ Curation Concerns.  This management of Hyrax is not how this community works - is there another model?  

Only other model is having 3 people who can collectively commit 3 people who make up FTE.  Product O's for Avalon and HyKu.  

Requires a human to look after the project.  

gather descriptions from Steve for what he does, what he wants to do, break into job descriptions (advocate and PO)

Maybe break up technical components with separate owners - TL as architectural resource, not necessarily hands on.  PM work, Code review, triage, unblocking people

Immediate Succession plan for PO (ie Steve stepping down)Steve

Steve will make list of tasks, make list of people who they might approach (or folks volunteer) - next week, a meeting for getting this going

Asynchronous discussion

Action items

  • Ryan will look at succession planning stuff