Meeting Information

Time: 12:00 PDT/15:00 EDT/19:00 UTC - 13:00 PDT/16:00PM EDT/20:00 UTC

Zoom: https://princeton.zoom.us/j/7739591625



  • Review the Interest Group Scope & Objectives
  • Electing a Chair for the Interest Group
  • Schedule regular meetings
    • Should we offer standard IG meetings?  Office Hours (such as what is offered for the Avalon Media System)?
  • Discuss the development of a roadmap (Google Doc. Proposals)
    • How should we be synchronizing with Gems for Dropbox? Google Drive? AWS?
    • SamveraConnect 2019 Plans (Lightning Talks, a Breakout Session, or a Presentation)
    • What is the best approach for synchronizing with the Hyrax release cycle?
    • How should we merge forked versions of browse-everything?


  • Reviewing briefly with U. Cincinnati
  • Google Drive was breaking and Rails 5.x API support seemed limited
  • James needs to investigate this

(Meeting began)

  • Interest Group
  • Introductions
  • Michael B. Klein has been the Product Owner
  • Michael and Thomas have provided maintenance and bugfixes

Scheduling Regularity Meetings

Proposal to meet on a monthly basis

All agreed to a monthly, Doodle Poll

James will structure and distribute this

Office Hours

Try and balance this for prioritization

Prepare for Minor and Patch Releases

Manage GitHub Project

Third-Party Gem Providers

Microsoft One Drive (formerly SkyDrive)


U. Cincinnati

There was a fork for them as well, and reconciling this should be a priority:


NU is using the released version

IU is using the release version

Science History Institute may have a fork

2 Tentative Work Cycles

1 reconciling forked code, as well as performing maintenance tasks, consistency between Driver APIs, shared specs, documentation

1 planning stage for the user interface development for browse-everything 2.0.0

James will contact Adam to refresh the conversation for UI redesign


James will try and get others from the UX IG to evaluate this, at the least their guidance will be very valuable

Thomas has no strong feelings on the UX elements

This time works for everyone, ensure that the Doodle Poll offers this time as an option.

Meeting adjourned at 15:47 EDT