SIGAHR Meeting - 12 Feb, 2019


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Discussion items

15 minDropping Analytics from Hyrax Roadmap

we do not have enough resources to do any work on analytics, and that is getting it cleared from the roadmap.

At some point, decided Anayltics is "okay as is". Google Analytics of viewcounts and downloads. Is it a packaging problem?

on WG - wanted a table of numbers of pageviews and downloads - reporting element. For an IR app, not uncommon for someone asking for the numbers. Freedom to extract numbers from repo.

Spec out - gaps between what may be wanted vs. what is developed

Resourcing mismatched to need - larger community issue of not being able to resource what we want.

Are we as a community trying to grow and bring in new adopters? are we courting people who want those features? Or telling them to use systems as they are.

Lack capacity to provide features desirable outside our own institutions.

Ask Partners in strongly worded mandate - restructure how we're aiming.

Follow up hashout session - statement to bring to Partners to determine direction

AI: Tom, Steve, Ryan hash something out

10 minWings (Valkyrie)tamsin woo

Sprint at PennState was extremely productive, agreement toward an approach where what's happening in codebase - much in master now. Implementing Valkyrie adataper writes back through Active Fedora to Fedora 4, in the same way Hyrax does now.

Strategy to replace existingc alls to Active Fedora until Active Fedora is gone with Valkyrie in its place. Eventual mandate to get rid of adapter.

Merged code to MAster. Able to replace main create/ update.

Not to where Hyrax is using Valkyrie in production - Steve and Tom working on 4 sprints to carry work forward. Related work that happened, Valkyrie 1.5 is out. Replaced Travis CI as main CI build with Circle. Reduced build time by more than half.

This is an internal software calls effort. Allows you more control for what your technology stack looks like. In practice, will provide improvements for existing Fedora adopters. Fedora adapter supported by Valkyrie is more performant than Active Fedora codebase.

Don't foresee any sunsetting of Fedora on any horizon, no political support for winding up Fedora

10 min

Other Roadmap Activities

few things we can focus on a bit more

Permissions in roadmap has 2 pieces. Few sprints with a few developers -

Goal - Specificity of needs around user management, fix low hanging fruit a bit easier in Hyrax. Not fully blown out what Permission WG is up to.

Collin: WG is waiting to see how other efforts get sorted. Coordinating dev with Moira from Duke. Populating project board for scoping/ priorities.

Get dev effort off ground in late March/ early April

Batch roundtripping of data - Oregon Digital RFP for contractor to build out functionality. RFP will be out in a few weeks, get some bids from a vendor to do the work.

Hyrax WG filling in - committment from UM, 3 people plus coordinator. Give some staff and keep on rack with that core support for Hyrax.

10 minUpdatesAll

Machine readable metadata project is happening - what sorts of things can work well within Hyrax (M3)

Includes Houndstooth, Scooby-Snacks and Dog Biscuits

Action items