CCMWG - 09/24/18


Time:12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT




  • Retrospective for Sprint 2
  • Steps before Samvera Connect


Retrospective on last week's sprint

First part: How were the check-ins?  How was the planning?


  • Check-ins were tight and direct.
  • Planning were built off of how the first sprint was undertaken. It was wise to focus on a smaller set of issues than many assumed was possible.
  • Couldn’t help but notice the capacity for the sprint seemed to vary. Is there some way we can improve outreach for the community to try and bring in more volunteers?
  • Would hate to see the group rechartered and the same members come on board and find themselves in position where their time is in short supply.
  • Was helpful to take on more technical issues.
  • Feel the group has been helpful and fills a niche within the community that needs to remain in place. Helpful to developers who are dedicated towards solution bundles such as Hyrax, given that it gives a larger sense of responsibility and facilitates task delegation. Anyone interested in participating in the review process it’s useful to have a body of people to contact if gem releases need shepherded etc.


  • Capacity, reflected in structure of group
  • Do not know how to increase capacity
  • Participation in stand-ups varied throughout the week
  • Scope was looked at in various ways
  • Lot of variability in how the group was looking at the tickets in the sprint


  • Sprint went okay
  • Similar concerns about availability
  • Group's composition prevent that from being helped
  • Technical work was accomplished, particularly releases for Gems
  • The only other concern, was that it seemed like planning could have gone better
  • A number of issues were either unclear, or there was a secondary level of planning after running out of them mid-week
  • Discussion around the scope could have been improved

Second part: Thoughts on how the group as a whole is going?

If it's going well, re-charter during Samvera Connect


  • Supports rechartering the WG
  • Feels that drawing a greater degree of interest would be useful
  • Not certain how this would be undertaken, and voiced this in the retrospective for the last (i. e. first) sprint


  • This was very successful in getting us the kind of low-level view of dependencies
  • Having the calls alone provides us with the ability to conceptualize how to manage maintaining the core components
  • Doing more outreach and having some clarity about what folks doing maintenance on solution bundles or community calls should do when they find problems
  • Our approach is to have them route the requests through the product owners (who dispatch us as needed)
  • This might not be clear to members of the community, and this practice also has not been adopted


  • It's good to have the discussions which we are having
  • These types of discussions used to happen as a part of the tech. call
  • Is this an evolution of the fact that there is a difference in the priority of the work now for the community?
  • Defining the scope when rechartering the WG would be the larger challenge
  • If we recharter the group, we have core components now...determining what type of tickets we take on will become a question
  • Need to propose and advertise processes
  • Also need to interface with Product Owners more consistently
  • If we need to release a Gem or update dependencies are understandable
  • But, should we be refactoring also? Are we now also the developers for these core component Gems?


  • Those do seem like the right questions


  • If we recharter will we get the same members or new people?
  • There isn't a huge amount of interest in joining...what does that mean about our capabilities?
  • Next week, we should discuss this point more

Discussing steps before Samvera Connect


  • We were going to sign up for a Lightning Talk
  • We should clarify what we were going to say there by next week
  • Should also provide an update regarding what is necessary in order to charter the next WG/Phase
  • Pendragon will produce the bullet points for the Lightning Talk for next week
  • See if there are any other items to discuss before looking to recharter

Meeting was adjourned at 12:19PDT/15:19 EDT


During the call, Mark Bussey (who was attending Samvera Camp as an instructor) provided the following feedback using Slack:

I'd be super supportive of seeing the group continue for another cycle - and I can try to make more time to wear my PO hat next round and/or try to engage other POs to help out if that would be useful.