CCMWG - 09/10/18


Time:12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT




  • Planning for Sprint 2


Reviewing the Waffle Board for Sprint 2

There were repositories missing from the Waffle Board

Moved items from repositories

Drag everything over which is specified in the Sheet

rubydora needs templates

Uncertain why we are supporting rubydora

Who had some interested parties?

Armintor: Wouldn't mind as deprecated, but team contributes patches; Product Owner is Justin, so Armintor cannot

Pendragon:Next time, contact Justin, see if there are sufficient people to keep it around

Armintor: Stanford might keep it around until SDR3 released

solrizer#45: Seemed like maintenance, deprecation issue "don't use me"

Not dragged over (initially)

noid-rails and active_fedora

Test Coverage Sufficient tickets: should we contact product owners or assume that they are sufficient?

Botimer: Supports contacting the product owners

Armintor: Might be best to e-mail the product owner

Opening the ticket sometimes isn't clear to the product owner (or others on the GitHub repository)

Bussey: What is a community standard for what is sufficient?

If we're going to accept this into the community...would there be enough test coverage for others to continue development?

Armintor: This is there in order to ensure that product owners could explicitly request contributions for increasing test coverage

Pendragon: If there are three instititutions who care about it, how do they feel about the current test coverage?

Botimer: Does a single number for a coverage threshold help significantly?

Bussey: Better to increase this to 85% by explicitly requesting this of the product owner; also congratulate them if it is higher

A single number doesn't provide directional influence

Is our general sense that this is good enough in the WG? Or should this be raised?

This might not be set by the developer team or the product owner

How do we ensure that unexpected regressions don't occur

Botimer: WG does not have a specific number...but what is the shape of the question for outstanding questions

Bussey: Unknown...just raises questions on the project

Pendragon: Just close everything which is over 95%

Request: If you feel like it would be useful for the developers to get it to 100%, please make another ticket

Pendragon: For lower than 95%, issue a gentle reminder to the product owner

hydra-pcdm: The build is failing due to a Rails 5/active_fedora support issue

Griffin needs to confirm this, notes that we will need to return to requesting an active_fedora release

Botimer: CLA question for author of the failing pull request on hydra-pcdm

questioning-authority is at 88%, WG will ask about this

hydra-derivatives has 84%

Pendragon: Other maintenance issues?

Botimer: Proposes that VCR replacement be an issue

Setting an updated precedent

Pendragon: Deprecation warnings for solrizer?

Warnings are issued when adopter attempts to use the Gem

When one runs the methods, instantiates the constant, installing it...

Bussey: What would it take to deprecate Hydra?

grant_revoke_gem_authority.rb is still in the repository

Can we find a place to create an issue?  See about creating a deprecation proposal?

Armintor: References on the Sheet should be cleaned up

Bussey: Looking at the release history, the need for the project is gone

Supports deprecating this

Pendragon: Steps to move towards deprecation, specifically references the community's preference towards Hyrax

Add this to the agenda for the Samvera Tech. Call on 09/12/18, wait for decision from the community and create tickets in response to that

Pendragon added this as an agenda item

Pendragon: Should there be any other tickets added for the sprint?

Botimer: Would prefer some more technical tickets for this sprint

Armintor: OM has some significantly dated issues

What has a dependency on OM?


Bussey: This should be prioritized

Pendragon: Pull request #346

Armintor: It might not save us labor to switch to HappyMapper

Pendragon: Why don't we just use Nokogiri?

Bussey: Agrees that XML using Nokogiri is probably the best approach, does not use OM

Armintor: Does not use OM, better off using XPath

Bussey: It was useful for Fedora 3 Datastreams, never added much if just parsing XML

Armintor: FITS only requires reading the Document

Bussey: Confirms that this is the case, will proceed by contacting Chris Colvard

Pendragon: WG can spike on what is needed to replace OM

Armintor: Try and separate whether or not OM should be deprecated is separate discussion

hydra-works should not depend on OM

Avalon can just use OM without hydra-works using it

Pendragon: HappyMapper also might not be the optimal solution

All agree that using Nokogiri without HappyMapper should be explored

Pendragon: Sax might also be worth exploring

All agree with the number of issues prioritized for the sprint

Pendragon: Checkin time next week at 03:00 EDT

Armintor: Tuesday and Wednesday have conflicts

Can send e-mails and post to Slack

Bussey: Time is available for DCE next week

Pendragon: Is anyone out?

Bussey: Sadler and Johnson are going to be available for participation

Pendragon: Check-in meetings are scheduled for 12:00 PDT/15:00 EDT

Armintor: When the sprint concludes, tasked with presenting the WG to the Partners

Requests that the WG compile some information to report back

Pendragon: On the following Monday (09/24/18), we should hold the retrospective

Armintor: Participation has been inconsistent at Samvera Connect, so the program committee has not allocated time for WG reports

We need to pitch a Lightning Talk for the WG

Pendragon: Try and keep this in consideration

Is it worth chartering the group again after these sprints?

Meeting adjourned at 15:46 EDT