CCMWG - 07/30/18


Time:12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT




  • Update on deprecation email for Sufia and Curation Concerns
  • Update on the e-mail sent to the community (and product owners directly) detailing the First Maintenance Sprint
  • Update on the Sign-Up Wiki Page for the First Maintenance Sprint
  • Update on the Roadmap Council nomination request from Richard Green
  • Additional Agenda Items?


  • (Tom Johnson could not join the call, but may still need to address the label colors for the Samvera Maintenance Waffle Board)
  • E-Mail Deprecating Sufia and Curation Concerns
    • Pendragon sent this e-mail
    • Questions relating to migration arose, but nothing relevant to this WG
  • It's time to deprecate jetty-wrapper and hydra-jetty
    • Pendragon will address this after this call and update the community by e-mail
  • Product Owner E-Mail
    • Griffin sent this message just prior to this meeting
    • There have been no responses, he will remain aware of this
    • Also, there were no responses from DMs to Product Owners on Slack
  • Sign-Up Wiki Page
    • Pendragon still needs to complete this
  • Roadmap Council Nomination Request
    • This should be an update from Johnson, he should send them an e-mail
  • Issues for Next Week (and Samvera Connect)
    • Pendragon
      • Next week, should review issues in the three repositories before the sprint
    • Botimer
      • Should we offer proposals for presentations at Samvera Connect 2018?
      • Armintor
        • It is an open question regarding the Partners conversation
        • This is scheduled on the Monday preceding the event
        • It can be assumed that Armintor will serve as a representative for this WG with Partners
      • Pendragon
        • We don't need a 20 minute presentation, just a 5 minute update should be sufficient
      • Armintor
        • We should contact the Program Committee, confirm that we can propose a Lightning Talk if this opportunity for an update is not present
        • Armintor will contact the Program Committee and confirm this
      • Botimer
        • Should we schedule a WG meeting?
      • Pendragon
        • Any discussions which affect or change process should not be held without all members present
        • We don't need to reserve a slot just to discuss any internal issues

Meeting Adjourned at 12:13PDT/15:13 EDT