CCMWG - 07/23/18


Time:12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT




  • Review the Maintenance Waffle Board
  • Update on deprecation email for Sufia and Curation Concerns
  • Update on the e-mail sent to the community updating product owners on labels for the first maintenance sprint
  • Planning the Sprint for 08/13/18 - 08/17/18
    • Call for participation from others in the community
  • Additional Agenda Items?


  • Reviewing the Maintenance Waffle Board
    • Label Colors
    • Johnson can address this during this afternoon
  • Reviewed, otherwise seems good
    • Should probably review each issue the week before the sprint
  • Deprecation Email for Sufia and Curation Concerns
    • Botimer's comment was valuable, draft will be revised
    • Pendragon will send this
  • Community E-Mail for the First Maintenance Sprint
    • Griffin sent this, no response focused upon the sprint
    • Proposal to draft a orivate E-Mail to Product Owners for each projects...
      • Johnson: Maybe have a thread or effective mailing list to the PO's...
      • Griffin: Who do I contact for creating a mailing list?
        • Mailing list vs. Slack thread...
        • Johnson: Start by...starting a thread in samvera-community or samvera-tech, CC'd to the PO group
    • This e-mail should just be public, include the e-mails of the affected Product Owners, CC samvera-community
      • Send to samvera-community and BCC product owners
      • Johnson and Griffin agree, Griffin will send this, also will ping in Slack
    • Good to set a practice for these things, the Product Owners should just be Mark Bussey, Johnson, and Carrick Rogers
    • Put some information on the Wiki for the CCMWG Wiki or in GitHub maintenance project, or the Site
      • Site might be too generic
    • We're going to start this sprint, call for participation, focuses upon the projects, BCC product owners, and ping in Slack
  • Planning the Sprint
    • Call for participation
    • Should we have a sign-up page?
    • What form would that take? Child Page on the Wiki?
    • Pendragon will make that page and reply to the CFP e-mail
      • Maybe also ping #dev on Slack
  • Any Additional Agenda Items?
    • Johnson: There is a request from RIchard Green
      • Populate a group of us and POs for the Roadmap Council
      • Sent a list to Pendragon with a loose grouping of persons
      • Consider who Co-Chairs want to nominate...but, Chairs are just consulting and not officially nominating people
      • 6 people of 12 are chosen from CCMWG for technical expertise, can be members of the WG or Product Owners
      • Pendragon: Johnson as the Hyrax Tech Lead should be offered
        • Johnson: Hyrax Product Owners is in this council, independent of the WG's decisions
        • Should Johnson be a technical foil to the PO?  As a CCMWG member?
        • Pendragon: What does the roadmap council do?
        • Johnson: Difficult to determine at this moment
          • In the event that something is languishing and CCMWG cannot push it forward
          • Roadmap Council has the clout to draw resources to address this development work
        • Pendragon will need to discuss this with Cowles
          • Will need to participate as a co-chair of the CCMWG
          • Armintor, Botimer, or Griffin could serve on their behalf
      • Other Product Owners:
        • Lynette, Carolyn, Drew Myers, Avalon (Chris Colvard)
      • Slots on group for a service provider
        • Mark Bussey or Bess Sadler could play that role
        • It is also possible to find a representative from Notch8
        • It would be beneficial to have a smaller institution
          • Might need to recruit someone from a smaller institution at Samvera Connect to serve as a product owner
          • WGBH is the smallest
          • Mark this representation issue as a concern, need more diversity of institution size and type for product owners
          • Also, amongst participants in the sprints
      • Pendragon will respond to Johnson
        • Johnson will e-mail Richard Green
      • Should make it clear that these are informal nominations, and that the CCMWG has not contacted these individuals