December 6, 2017 Meeting Agenda

Time: 3pm Easter/2pm Central/12pm Pacific

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1. Working with UX - to identify Hyrax UX/UI top priorities

  • Discussion on pain points
    • Do they have github issues created?
  • Discussion on process to solve issues

We would like to keep a running list of UX issues our users experience, with a way to prioritize them. 

Steve Van Tuyl will talk to UX about this process, where to keep the list and how to work with UX to solve. Steve will report back to us after this convo. 

2. ORCID and Hyrax - what does it mean?

  • What does ORCID and Hyrax integration mean really
    • Use cases
      • Notre Dame (in absentia) - We want to treat ORCID as a registry of record.
        • As a faculty member, I would like to connect to ORCID and pull down a stub data record from my ORCID profile so that I can then augment that information in our repository.
        • As a faculty member, I would like to push up my repository data to my ORCID profile.
    • good examples? UVA uses a service outside the repo to connect the ORCID to the faculty user.  There will likely be lots of different approaches and need to integrate ORCID across multiple systems. 
      Next steps: Nabeela Jaffer will create a wiki page to have people list their ideas about ORCID integration, will send to email lists. 

3. Tombstones - what have people done, should it be in Hyrax?

  • What have people done? 
    • Mich has this in deep blue data where requester provides a reason to do this.  
    • UVA does this with EZID.
    • UCSD captures this in an RDF file outside of the repo. See example.
  • Should it be in Hyrax?
    • Datacite might do this OR another service? 
    • Still unclear what the common approach would be. 
  • What are the use cases?

4.  Repo Managers Guide - Update, next steps

Chris Diaz reported: Subgroup is meeting tomorrow for continued work on this. 

5.  Enhancements to Notifications in Hyrax/Hyku

  • As proposed by Stanford in this documentation
    • Discussion about this brought up questions about large repos vs small repos and their needs around email. 
    • Also brought up needs around email vs dashboard notifications. 
    • Hannah Frost requests that we provide thoughts/questions google document by end of January. 

6. Collections Extensions features on Nurax

  • You can test out Collections Extensions on 
  • Full functionality testing need Repo Admin status for access to Collection Types - ping Julike (email or Slack) if you need this level.