Sept 27th, 2017

Time: 1pm EST

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1.) Dial:
+1 734 763 1841 
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2.) Enter the Meeting ID: 990285483
3.) Enter the Passcode: 8955


Nabeela Jaffer

Steve Van Tuyl

Moira Downey


Lynette Rayle

Susan Borda

Gabriela Montoya

Sherry Lake

Nicole Finzer

Hannah Frost

Chris Diaz


  • Collections Sprints overview - Lynette E. Rayle
    • Collections now have types
      • Include User Collections, Admin Sets, Exhibits
      • Each have settings you can turn off and on 
  • Testing Hyrax 2.0 - 20 mins
    • Test URL:
    • Testing Spreadsheet: 
      • Living document - help us make it better, thanks for your patience. 
      • Template vs Versioning
      • ReadMe -
      • Sign up and Test Log
        • Identify testers with 
          • Windows
          • Mac
          • Android
          • iPhone
      • Each tab is for a role 
        • Logged out, public user
        • Logged in, regular user
        • Logged in, admin user
        • A few tabs will require additional roles like depositor, manager, viewer for specific tests
        • Admin users need to be granted - ping me if you want to be added
      • How to fill out the spreadsheet
    • Github issue reporting 
      • Process is report issue in Nurax Github and Mike, Steve and Julie will verify, triage and move to Hyrax as needed. 
        • Show issue template
        • If you would rather relay bugs to one of us and we create issues, that is totally fine. 
    • Numbered Admin sets - don't delete! 
    • Communication in #nurax 
    • Repo - admin tab will change a lot of settings that will affect other testers - who ever does that give a shout out before testing?

  • Samvera Connect group meeting