Aug 23rd, 2017

Time: 1pm EST

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Facilitator: Nabeela Jaffer

Notetaker: Steve

Agenda Topics:

    • Ideas for the Samvera Connect program! We should certainly have a IG meeting, but maybe some of us have ideas for lightning talks, presentations, posters, etc. Let's brainstorm. Hannah Frost
      • Link to program idea: Suggestions for Samvera Connect 2017 Program
      • Migrating to Hyrax for repo-manager type roles
      • workshop proposed by Nabeela JafferjrudderSteve Van Tuyl and Chris Diaz
        • Original thoughts - similar to last year. focused on managing product and service for a samvera repository
        • While managing project, what are the tools one can use to assist?
        • What workflows can be shared?
        • Workshop proposers will meet and bring the workshop ideas back to this group
      • When/where to talk about release testing, Hyrax community roadmapping
        • this group will most likely be pinged for feedback on hyrax 2.0 and roadmapping beyond
      • Other Ideas:
        • Audit Hyrax against some standard for levels of data curation
        • Steve Van Tuyl will bring the Migrating to Hyrax panel topic back to this group if it is selected
    • Update from Release Testing Process subgroup
      • adapting the UI interactions document for hyrax user/manager documentation
      • talked through the linked notes
        • noted some issues emerging in browsers other than Chrome
        • Suggested that as part of the testing process, to search Hyrax issues for common browser names to see what issues might be emerging
      • Notre Dame is actively working towards automated testing and would like to stay tapped into our testing process
        • Want to align with the work we're doing on testing
        • UI Interactions Document - this is good and could be a reference for testing purposes, especially if it is easy to refer to specific UI Interactions in reporting testing issues/failures
      • UI Interactions Document Discussion
        • originally two applications for using it: testing and a user manual
        • Chris Diaz is looking at how we might be able to replicate the work of the Documentation Working Group
          • has a mockup ready for merge but is in discussion with Documentation WG
          • Will meet with Doc WG in next few weeks to hopefullly get this merged
          • We would like, maybe, to have a breakout group at Samvera Connect to discuss maintaining and updating that documentation
    • Collections Extension Work
      • Sprints happening now 
      • will likely be in Hyrax 2.0 (though not entirely clear)
      • Action Item: Ask Lynette Rayle to come talk to this group about Collection Extensions.

Meeting Notes: