July 26, 2017

Time: 1pm EST

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Facilitator: Julie Rudder

Notetaker: Chris Diaz

Meeting Notes:

 1. Overview of DURT (10 min. Jenn Colt) - How would repo-managers testing be similar or different?

  • A team of usability experts from five universities developed a testing script for Sufia 7.2. The results of this test identified several themes (i.e. areas of user interface confusion around

    labeling, creating a work, confusion about depositing files, sharing, visibility), which were reported back to the technical working group. There has been some UI/UX work done between Sufia 7.2 and Hyrax 2, so it was suggested we identify which themes are still relevant in Hyrax shared testing instance and write EPIC issues for upstream development for Hyrax 2.x releases. This includes identified open Hyrax tickets that are being worked on but not yet merged with the master branch.

2.  Starting a subgroup to figure out a scalable process for user interface testing during the Hyrax release process (5-10 min. jrudder)

  • Requirements gathering
  • The subgroup will meet to write test scripts for Hyrax features. The subgroup meets next Wednesday, August 2nd.
  • Who wants to participate in planning process? Julie, Chris, Steve, and Sherry.

3.  Proposal for Repo-Managers to take ownership of the Hyrax UI Interactions document (10 min. Steve Van Tuyl)

  • Origin of the document: Hyrda-in-a-Box talking to accessibility expert who asked for specific UI interactions for the testing. Grew into usefulness for QA testing and as a manager guide.

  • The document needs more interactions and more of a structural edit.

  • It is roughly 85% complete

  • Is this two documents? Yes: a QA testing document and a managers guide to the Hyrax application.

  • How do we test releases and maintain this document? We can cut a BETA release to trigger QA testing before the final release.

  • What is the ideal turnaround time for testing? Major releases are scheduled weeks/months in advance. Patch releases are more spontaneous with turnaround of a few days given the level of similarity between releases. Major releases are moving toward an annual release schedule.

  • Notre Dame may be a model institution for QA and usability testing.

4. Repo-managers team in Github, like UX advisors (10 min. Michael Joseph Giarlo)

  • What kind of things would we be asked to comment on?
    • UI/UX overlap
    • Repository strategy, policy questions .
    • Scope of major releases, possibly.
  • How can we deal with pace, getting up to speed? Tagging GitHub teams happens maybe once per week, so it is not too burdensome.
  • How would this be different/same as UX advisors? Lots of overlap with UX/ UI advisors, but repo-managers may have better insight into repository strategy and user needs beyond the interface (e.g. analytics, indexing, deposit workflows, etc.)

5. Topics for the August meeting (2 min. Meeting Idea Parking Lot)