Exploratory call: 2016-08-24

The following notes are from a conference call meeting organized by Boston Public Library and University of Utah for the purpose of getting a better sense of newspaper-related development efforts in the Hydra community and to get feedback on BPL/Utah's concept of a grant-funded project to develop a set of gems for newspaper management. (Call for participation went out on the Hydra-Tech and hydra-community lists (https://groups.google.com/d/msg/hydra-community/G960cvMYtDc/Rq6mssCwAgAJ.)

Facilitator: Eben English
Notetaker: Eben English



  1. Institution Status Reports
    1. University of Maryland
      1. No newspapers in Hydra yet, but putting newspaper content into Fedora4.
      2. Want to eventually add Hydra-based management functionality.
    2. Cornell
      1. At beginning of newspaper efforts.
      2. Some content in Veridian, with article-level segmentation
      3. Want path to migrate into Hydra/Fedora.
    3. Yale
      1. Large amount of content hosted in CONTENTdm
      2. Want to migrate, timeline unknown
      3. Some content has article segmentation and/or METS-ALTO, some without
      4. Interested in functionality to create segmentation, output METS-ALTO
    4. Johns Hopkins
      1. Using DSpace for digital collections, but looking to migrate to Hydra/Fedora
      2. Some demo content in Sufia-based app, need more newspaper-specific content
    5. Michigan
      1. Working on making student newspaper content available in Blacklight-based discovery interface
      2. Have Sufia-based IR in production
    6. Alberta
      1. ~67,000 newspaper issues in homegrown system
      2. Want to move to Sufia/Hydra (using Sufia for IR)
      3. In the process of moving some digital collections into Sufia
      4. Have created gems for different pieces of functionality
      5. Have looked at PCDM for newspapers
      6. Peter involved in IIIF Newspapers group

  2. General discussion
    1. Newspaper functionality shouldn't be dependent on Sufia
    2. We should use PCDM for modeling
    3. Viewer should be driven by IIIF manifest, Image API
    4. Modeling METS-ALTO in Solr – Maryland has been struggling with this
    5. What crossover with existing Hydra working/interest groups should we be aware of?
    6. Lots of interest in a newspaper-focused breakout session at Hydra Connect 2016.