DSpace/Samvera Interest Group

Scope & Objectives

This group is interested in working together on issues related to migrating from DSpace to Samvera. The discussions will include but not limited to adding features to Hyrax and underlying gems, coordinating documentation and developer resources at participating/interested institutions, and prioritizing development goals.

Sunset milestone: ?

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Meeting Times:  2nd Thursday of the month, 3pm EST

Communication Channels:


  • Nabeela Jaffer, co-chair (University of Michigan)

  • rsteans, co-chair (Avalon Project & Community Manager)

  • Linda Newman, (University of Cincinnati) - interested participant

  • drew heles (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Jennifer Colt (Cornell University)
  • James Griffin (Lafayette College Libraries)
  • Jim Halliday (Indiana University) - interested participant

  • Jose Blanco, Dspace developer (University of Michigan)

  • Hannah Frost (Stanford University)

  • James Tuttle (Duke)
  • Richard Jones (Cottage Labs)
  • Josh Gum (Oregon State)
  • Jamie Wittenberg (Indiana University)


Meeting Notes

Hydra Connect Meeting (10-06-16)