Community Guidelines Working Group charter

Scope & Objectives

This working group is focused on developing a written set of community guidelines. According to consultant Annalee Flower Horne, "Community Guidelines communicate your community’s values and culture to new and existing community members. The reason to create specific guidelines instead of just saying 'be excellent to each other' or 'treat each other politely' is that there are a wide range of cultural norms across different communities–even micro-communities, like open source projects." Samvera has had pieces of such guidelines, but early versions have been lost over time and existing pieces need review and refreshing. This effort was originally in scope for the Community Safety Working Group active in 2021, but due to scheduling considerations, is now deferred and to be taken on by a spin-off Working Group in early 2022. 

Deliverables & Timeframe

With the input and guidance of the consultant, the group will convene in January 2022 and plan to draft the written guidelines, iterate over them as necessary with stakeholders, and finalize them in advance of Virtual Connect in spring 2022.

Update on April 1, 2022: The Samvera Community Guidelines are drafted and feedback from the Community is invited through April 15, 2022.

Update on April 18, 2022: The guidelines received only positive feedback from the Community, so they were adopted as posted and the working group was sunsetted.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Meeting Times - scheduling has been ad hoc.

Communication Channels: ; Slack channel #cdwg


  • Hannah Frost, facilitator (Stanford University)

  • Bess Sadler (Princeton University)

  • Alicia Morris (Tufts University)

  • Jessica Hilt (UC San Diego)

  • Heather Greer Klein (Samvera)

  • Robin Ruggaber (University of Virginia)

  • your name here (your institution here)


Meeting Notes