February 2, 2015


  • Eira, Thomas, Nathan (Cincinatti)
  • Gary, Michael (Stanford)
  • Ben, Mike (Penn State)
  • Wendy (Georgia Tech)
  • John (NLM)
  • Matthew (Duke)
  • Who did I miss?


  • Confirm details of User Stories webinar
    • February 25, 1 PM EST
    • Adobe Connect details to be shared the week of 2/16
  • Discuss transition from WG to IG
    • Samvera IG/WG Framework
    • General agreement about migrating to an IG. Not all HAWG members have signed CLAs, and while our work in this group began with specific deliverables around user stories for integrating with ArchivesSpace, we have since moved on to less specific works/discussions. 
    • Ben will look into updating Wiki to reflect the change.
  • Update on ArcLight
    • Stanford has extended deadline for contributors to submit responses to Phase 1 design planning. 
    • Stanford notes that most important thing is for willing contributors to add a Stakeholders and Objectives document – for more detail, see:  ArcLight Discovery: Phase 1
    • General discussion about getting more feedback and the details of what development might lead to.
  • Cincinatti walk through of ArchResource examples in Hydra::Works: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o-Iq1oKN_W5NXXDQC81pxkhibOz_AhZlY7IShxPTR5M/edit#
    • Thanks to Thomas for the overview of the two examples and explanation of the work. 
    • Main question: do any scenarios break the models seen here, or is it general enough to accommodate different archival scenarios?
    • Some development on this will begin at Code4Lib, with more to come soon after from certain Hydra partners