2015-09-24 Preserving Linked Data - Relying on URIs -- Trey Terrell



Basic problem:


What to do expecting the (e.g. getty) referent might go away?  3 options, copy to local and say:



  • proliferation of local copies in local graph, eventual inconsistency

  • differentiation of original content from supplemental local assertions

  • local caching should require updates, admin. metadata

  • lesser concern: minting many new local IDs

Oregon Digital:

  • reverse proxy style operation, marmotta checked for remote URI first

  • only as stable as marmotta, not persistent, not externally referenceable

Preservation Concerns:

  • Identifier/Identity continuity (over decades, remote resource might be replaced w/ irrelevant content)

  • Suggests admin metadata might want to track stability, i.e. “resource last confirmed stable at”

Central caching service vs. Central catalog of local-cache URIs

One Strategy: Use CDN for distribution/propagation of triples

Actions Items:

  • Post notes to list

  • Propose Interest Group