Individual Contributor License Agreement process for new code contributors

This page is no longer valid and was archived as of 4/25/22

  1. If a new code contribution comes to the samvera or samvera-labs repos from a user who does not have their Github username listed in the Samvera Licensed Contributors list, the cla-bot will alert the contributor that they need to digitally sign an iCLA.

    1. Note: if a contributor is listed in the Samvera Licensed Contributors list but does not have their Github username on file, email the username to and the list will be updated.

  2. When an iCLA is digitally signed, the Community Manager is notified and will update the Samvera Licensed Contributors list, file the iCLA, and confirm receipt to the signer. The Community Manager will determine if the contributor needs a cCLA on file from their institution and will work with the contributor to obtain the cCLA if necessary.

  3. Once the contributor receives confirmation, they will be able to contribute without being blocked by the cla-bot.

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