Metadata SMEs Report: 3/17/14

The Metadata Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Working Group met on February 28, 2014. At this meeting, the group discussed its initial charge and began reviewing the current metadata profile for ETDs, available at: To access the notes from the Metadata SMEs WG meeting, please see:




The Metadata SMEs WG approved the initial charge as written by Linda Newman and found no need for additions or changes at this time.



Many members of the Metadata SMEs WG do not have experience working with RDF. James Van Mil, who is also a member of the RDF Working Group, will serve as the Metadata SMEs WG's technical liaison to the RDF WG and provide training for Metadata SMEs members on RDF as needed. James will deliver an overview of the work of the RDF WG on the next Metadata SMEs WG call, including new features in ActiveFedora which may inform the work of the Metadata SMEs WG. The next Metadata SMEs WG call will be scheduled for early April.


ETD Metadata:

ETDMetadata.pdf is a revised metadata profile for ETDs including recommendations for field repeatability and support for controlled vocabularies. 


Metadata SMEs:

Carolyn Hansen (Lead SME), University of Cincinnati

James Van Mil, University of Cincinnati

Ellen Ramsey, University of Virginia 

Jennifer Young, Northwestern University

Michael Babinec, Northwestern University

Deborah Rose-Lefmann, Northwestern University

Alex Papson, University of Notre Dame


Please note: We currently do not have a representative from Indiana University.