Suggestions for topics/projects at the 2012 Hydra Developers Congress

I've added these questions to a Google Moderator page:
Let's vote on what seems most important to cover during the face-to-face meeting time.
-- Bess
  1. nom datastream – using NOM instead of OM as a datastream's XML terminology wrangler
  2. Enhancements to AF to make it more ActiveRecordish ( obj.reload(), and associtions.create() for example)
  3. Try to run rails-admin on active-fedora.
  4. Extract generic-file gem from scholarsphere (&/| otherwise discuss extractable gems from 'sphere) – Notre Dame and Penn State (and possibly UIUC) are discussing collab development of ScholarSphere, and that could inform this work.
  5. Remove blacklight's dependency on rsolr-ext (done)
  6. Write a config for hydra on Solr 4.0 (&/| update hydra-jetty to Solr 4.0)
  7. Overview and discussion of the full hotplate
  8. Getting from OM to next-generation (nom + xx + yy)
  9. Hydra Solr schema - our dynamic fields need an overhaul
    9a.  can we trap for Solr indexing errors so there is notification when something doesn't index properly?
  10. Swapping out Rubydora for a component that talks to their DAMS
  11. ScholarSphere roadmapping (Penn State, ND)
  12. Make Atrium work for Stanford digital collections sites (test implementation, look at workflow, harden coding, etc.)
  13. Apply Avalon goodness to existing non-Avalon Hydra heads
  14. General discussion about making generic gems from Hydra Heads that can be used in other heads (related to extracting gems from Avalon and ScholarSphere)
  15. Explore adding IIIF Image API support within Hydra – what would this mean, how would we do it, is it a good idea
  16. Create an FAQ page for how to add permissions to a Fedora object.