minor & patch release process

  1. Minor/Patch releases should make no changes to the public APIs
    1. How much testing against other components should we ask for?
  2. Release Managers put out release plan, announce that Release Candidates are ready for review & Circulate Draft of Release Notes
  3. Given that there are no objections: 
    1. ensure that CI test suite is running without errors
    2. tag the final commit of the release with the version number
    3. documentation updated
    4. publish the gem to rubygems
    5. emails sent to hydra-tech and hydra-releases & news posted

When Reviewing Minor/Patch Release Candidates

  • Rely primarily on active developers of current components for review
  • Strongly encourage less-active participants to try RCs and express concerns
  • Invite new adopters to do a fresh install of RCs