November 11, 2016



Hydra Partners Call (November 2016)
Friday, November 11, 2016 
11:30 am  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)  |  1 hr 
Meeting number: 737 192 431 
Meeting password:h9cwrT45
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+1-617-627-6767 US Toll
Access code: 737 192 431 
Facilitator: Nabeela Jaffer
Notetaker: James Tuttle


  1. Welcome to newcomer's (1-2 min.)
  2. Quick Roll Call (3-5 min)
  3. Short discussion about format of Hydra Partners' Call (5 min)
    1. Other items
      1. Digital Repository of Ireland new partner.  Announcement next week.
  4. Presentations (30 min)
    1. University of Michigan:, an implementation of
      1. Publishing platform and service on Hydra to support faculty publication, OA journals, etc funded by Mellon.  Jekyll embedded in rails. High value placed on presentation and formatting.  Supports markdown in metadata fields with correct indexing.  Including Google Analytics using the API.  Planning a code audit with DCE.  Planning support for fully-encoded text to support born-digital books and journals. 
    2. Data Curation Experts: Hydra Training Overview 
      1. Please vote for Hydra Pre-Conference workshops at Code4Lib - vote here
      2. Entry level at Emory in April.  Fall in Austin area and one in Europe.
      3. Sandi Metz Practical Object Oriented Design at UCSD 
  5. Hydra Partner meeting update (5-10 min) - Community Notes
    1. Tom suggests maybe a Spring Partner Meeting would be a useful communication and strategy tool.
  6. Community Discussion of Paid Slack License.
    1. Currently using free tier without unlimited archiving and sharing.  Present usage means the archive spans 3-4 weeks.  Education/Education pricing is generous.  Number of users is growing rapidly.  Currently would cost ~4k/year with existing 336 users. 
    2. Request out to developers asking for feedback about value of this commitment.  Leaning to yes, presently.   Will present to Partners to ask if they support commitment of funds.
    3. Tabled and schedule for next meeting
  7. Add agenda item here ..
    1. Slack license discussion
  8. Call for future presenters (1-2 min)
  9. Upcoming Calendar Events: (5 min)
    1. any additional events?
  10. Facilitator and notetaker for December 9th Call
    1. Notes: James Tuttle
    2. Facilitator: shanita
  11. Next Call: December 9th


  1. Andrew Rouner (Wash U)
  2. Linda Newman (University of Cincinnati)
  3. James Tuttle (Duke)
  4. Nabeela Jaffer
  5. Jeremy Morse (Michigan)
  6. Jocelyn Triplett (old account) (UVa)
  7. Tom Cramer (Stanford)
  8. shanita (DCE)
  9. John Weise
  10. @Nichole McNniel
  11. Mark Bussey (DCE)
  12. Richard Green (Hull)
  13. James Griffin (Lafayette College Libraries)
  14. Chris Awre (Hull)
  15. Margaret Mellinger (Oregon Digital) 


  1. sanderson and Eben English (BPL)
  2. we'll miss you if you're not with us (sad)

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