March 10, 2017


Hydra Partners Call (March 2017)
Friday, March 10, 2017 
11:30 am  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-05:00)  |  1 hr 
Meeting number: 737 192 431 
Meeting password:h9cwrT45

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Facilitator: debra hanken kurtz
Notetaker: James Griffin




  1. Welcome to newcomer's (1-2 min.) No roll call, but please add your name to attendees list below.

  2. Upcoming Calendar Events and Announcements: (10 min)
    1. LDCX (and subsequent Partners meeting) 3/27-3/31

  3. Facilitator and notetaker for April 14, 2017 Call and call for future presenters (1-2 min)
    1. Proposal to rotate alphabetically might be in conflict with attempts to have moderator to take more actively editorial role towards agenda

  4. Re-branding update (10 min) - kestlund
    1. Initial survey closed due to community feedback
    2. Initial list was weeded with cursory review, in line with criteria previously sent out
    3. New survey posted to solicit community input (not just partner or institutions)
    4. Next steps contingent on survey results and number of viable options left. Partners will be involved regardless if another vote is needed or not.
    5. Questions?
      1. Has consultant been hired? Call 3/9 with Chris Awre and company that has done OSS work before. Not marketing co, so felt somewhat limited in input they could offer, but did have some input on post-name process. Also talked to a marketing professional at Hull, who has offered to review narrowed candidate lists.
      2. Is steering enthusiastic about the short(er) list? Hoping to assess this from results- new survey has some reckoning with enthusiasm and space for write-ins.
      3. If there is a high number of votes and enthusiasm, is it acceptable to pull the finalists/short lists from the short list? Karen thinks so, reminds that we also need to re-assess trademark issues after any list composition. Tom reminds that some names may seem better with a little time to reflect.
  5. Question re remote participation in partners meeting at LDCX (10 min) - pbinkley
    1. After schedule is firmer, SUL will arrange some bluejeans access.




2) Welcome Calendar Events


  • At the end of month, there are two events:
    • LDCX at Stanford (03/27/17 - 03/29/17)
    • Hydra Partner Meeting (03/30/17 - 03/31/17)
      • Notes that this is open to prospective partners as well as existing partners
  • Clarifies that these are two separate events
5) Remote Participation at LCDX and the Hydra Partners Meeting
  • Primarily concerned with the Hydra Partners Meeting
  • Feels that the discussion of the road map and planning of future directions is important
  • Traveling across the Canadian/ U. S. border for U. Alberta members is not possible
  • Is it possible to follow the conversation by audio, contribute by Slack? Are others in this position?


  • Also cannot attend the Partners Meeting, but is interested


  • Will set up standing BlueJeans link
  • Also, an e-mail to the volunteer planners is 80% complete
  • Over the next week, firmer planning will be set
  • It will be possible to know when to call in and what preparation is necessary for the various tracks
4) Rebranding Update
  • Was addressing direct questions
  • When the initial survey was closed, many entries were still unacceptable
  • Matienzo, Sadler, and Giarlo facilitated in pruning these entries
  • A SurveyMonkey questionnaire was issued eliciting Community feedback
  • Notes that feedback for the entire community is desired (not just Parters)
  • How does this affect the next stage?
  • After a smaller list is generated, Steering will reassess the results
  • Steering will interact with partners, identify the implications of going forward


  • Has the marking consultant been hired?
  • Awre has scheduled a discussion with the marketing company
  • Had the call yesterday
  • The company has helped advise a number of Open Source Software (OSS) projects
  • It is not explicitly a marketing company, hence it could provide limited assistance for marketing topics alone
  • They did help advise in how OSS projects develop long-term strategic plans
  • Hence, there still is some potential in having external input (not necessarily name per-se) but how the name and logo is used to take Hydra to the next level
  • Alongside this, also had conversation with marketing in Hull
  • Will be willing to review the names in the shortened list and provide external input


  • Is Steering is enthusiastic about the shorter list which has been offered using SurveyMonkey?
  • This is why two comment boxes were provided, and why there will be reassessment
  • Will also have a discussion with Partners regarding the results of this second round


  • Can the consultant help us with this process?
  • Open Tech Strategies can be contacted regarding this process, but as their services are not exclusive to marketing, they cannot explicitly advise on marketing strategies
  • Say a lot of people in community vote and there are 1-4 clear favorites that the Community rated, is that acceptable?
  • Yes, these would be acceptable if they were rated very highly by the majority of the community
  • Notes that, regarding the shortened list, they will need to make sure that trademark issues are avoided with this new selection
  • States that this is an area where names grow
  • Names can grow viability, and wonky or strange names can become more palatable after another round of votes
3) Facilitator and notetaker for April 14, 2017 Call and call for future presenters


  • Volunteers to be the notetaker

There is no immediate interest in facilitating

  • How many others are out of the office in response to a Spring Break?
  • There is a consensus that there should be a message calling for interest sent to the mailing list
  • Volunteers to serve as the facilitator
  • Proposes that, for future calls, a rotational system be used instead? Alphabetical order for institutions?
  • No objections to this proposal
  • Notes that the facilitating job is easier than notetaking
  • Clarifies that the facilitator does need to issue a message 1 week prior to the call for presenters
  • Perhaps should try to contact members of community to present directly (i. e. for less active attendees)
  • Maybe even 6 month planning period for scheduling presentations?
  • Usually for Hydra Interest Groups, a single person is responsible for drafting the agenda items and contacting presenters
  • Two people partnering on this would be more effective
  • Expresses that this can be a great opportunity for Partners looking to get further involved

Kurtz and Estlund:

  • Both are interested, but a lighter list of attendees, prefer to revisit this in the next call