June 14, 2013


  • Tom Cramer, Stanford (Facilitator)
  • Chris Awre, Hull (Notetaker)
  • Anders Conrad, RLB
  • Robin Ruggaber, UVa
  • Karen Cariani, WGBH*
  • Bess Sadler, Stanford
  • Mark Bussey, DCE

  • Justin Coyne, DCE

  • Jim Coble, Duke*

  • Mike Stroming, Northwestern

  • Will Cowan, Indiana*

  • Mark Notess, Indiana

  • Rick Johnson, Notre Dame

  • Steven Anderson, BPL

  • Ed Fay, LSE

  • Mike Giarlo, Penn State

  • Adam Wead, Rockhall - can't be on until Noon
  • Richard Green, Hull

Minutes in blue


  1. Roll Call
    1. Welcome New Folks (indicated by * in above list)
  2. Call for Agenda Items
    1.  Batch ingest work at WGBH - who else is interested? Many, if not all on the call.  DCE will announce progress and keep people in touch to identify general benefits from WGBH-specific work
    2. Review notes from Boston Partners meeting (see below)
  3. Next Call
    1. Date: determine date of next call. 
      1. July 12, 2013 = last day of OR13
      2. Motion to move July's call to July 19, 2013 Motion agreed
    2. Facilitator: Mark Bussey
    3. Notetaker: Anders Conrad
  4. Progress on Partner Meeting action items
    1. Headlines noted from Boston meeting (MB/RR)
      1. Thanks for meeting (and WGBH reception) offered

      2. Number of new and potential partners attended: feedback - meeting a little unfocused and unstructured at times. Need to have more of an agenda beforehand (see item below on September meeting) to inform attendance.

      3. Technical work undertaken resulting in some good progress with some items

      4. Good thoughts on cleaning up documentation

      5. Duke demonstrated their fcrepo work - great progress on this and of high relevance to others and related activity

      6. Clarifying roles of Partners and Steering completed.  Ongoing work on defining developers' role to complement this

    2. Summary of Hydra Partners meeting:  June 2013 Agenda and Notes
      1. Compile list of action items from June meeting
      2. Lightening talks - Robin

      3. Gemification - Rick

      4. Strategic plan - Tom

      5. Documentation - Mark

      6. Fedora Futures - Robin (although noted that many items covered have been taken to FF Steering Group already)

      7. Tech session - Nothing to note as being addressed elsewhere

      8. Copyright statement - addressed already

      9. DSpace/Hydra head - Rick

      10. Articulating the Hydra Way/strategic plan track - Tom

      11. Developer track - Mark/Justin

      12. Media - Mark

      13. Geospatial - Bess

      14. Intro to Hydra for Managers? - No session, but Robin to arrange a call to discuss further (in preparation for OR13 managers session) based on notes contributed already

    3. September meeting focus: 5 days of code shredding  (9/16-20) + parallel 2.5 days of Strategic Planning (9/16-18)
      1. Gathering backlog and framing the Sept code shredding event 
    4. December meeting: Worldwide Hydra Partners meeting (Hydra Connect...)
    5. OR13 Planning
    6. Update on code licensing & copyright statement. See  Code Copyright Statement
      1. Copyright statement agreed and on wiki. 

      2. Bottom line - Apache 2, largely intact, but reflecting that additional copyrights may be held elsewhere as well

      3. Statements are for human readers of code, copyright is inherent to submit.

      4. Topic and approach raised in Committer's Call, with general acceptance

    7. Review & update of Hydra repo's for license & copyright statement
      1. volunteers? dates?
      2. Needs to be applied to all gems (some done so far), also to check any conflicts (Mark leading, offers of help welcome)
    8. accept the offer of hydra-collections into the Project?
      1. move to accept donation of this gem on basis of +1 votes received.
  5. Standing Community TODOs
    1. Next Partner meetings
      1. September at Penn State. Two parallel tracks:
        1. 5 days of code shredding  (9/16-20). Focus on gemification.
          1. need to gather backlog of gems, prioritize, frame event.
          2. Developer focus to allow institutions to target an event for their dev staff to attend
        2. 2.5 days of Strategic Planning (9/16-18). 
          1. need to list key priorities, identify task owners/champions
      2. December event: Worldwide Hydra Connect meeting. 
        1. Dates and location TBD
        2. Emphasis is on getting ALL PARTNERS together at least once during year
        3. Idea followed on from discussion at Partners meeting, to provide one space in the year that every Partner tries to get to. Share, Learn, Connect theme (Matt).  Focus on cross-pollination with deeper follow-up as identified.
      3. 2014: regional Hydra event in UK/Ireland (same time as LDCX?)
        1. LDCX - dates tbc dependent on Code4Lib being finalised, UK event may be small, but offer a useful regional focus
      4. Pattern for other Partner meetings - some thoughts shared, and will be developed further
    2. Training
      1. Updates on Summer/Fall HydraCamp planning: Virginia, Ohio, Chicago, Boston?
        1. Virginia HydraCamp - slight variant on program in discussion with DCE, Aug 5-9, APTrust is joining this and could offer some support for attendance, expecting 14-20 attendees.  Event open to all and call to go out in the next week.  Tutorials should be done prior to Camp, so it can start on Day 3/4 from normal program and go further.

        2. Standard HydraCamp in Ohio area later in the summer, details tbc

        3. Hopefully coordinate announcements

      2. TA's
        1. Would like to aim to bring on board new TAs for these events - a couple of candidates are being sounded out on this
    3. OR13 Planning (Tom)
      1. Who is going? Gather roster of HydraNauts at PEI
      2. Hydra Workshop (Mon AM) participants
      3. Hydra Tech Workshop (Mon PM) participants
      4. Any Hydra-related ideas for Developer Challenge?
      5. Any Hydra-based social events?
        1. Hydra workshops on Monday (volunteers to run through case study in the morning, and tech volunteers for the afternoon welcome), Hydra track on Thursday

        2. Stub page for Hydra at OR13 created on wiki events page.  Please add attendance, offers of help, volunteering (including staffing of the table), ideas, social events, etc. to this.

        3. Please bring swag where available (T-shirts, stickers, bookmarks, etc.)

    4. Strategic plan: where are we? are we on track?  
      1. See:  Progress against the 2013 Strategic Action Plan
  6. Updates on Action Items
    1. ...
  7. Prospective Partner Intel Sharing
    1. ...
  8. Website Updates
    1. ...