January 13, 2017



Hydra Partners Call (January 2017)
Friday, January 13, 2017 
11:30 am  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)  |  1 hr 
Meeting number: 737 192 431 
Meeting password:h9cwrT45
Join from a video conferencing system or application
Dial  738605799@tufts.webex.com
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+1-617-627-6767 US Toll
Access code: 737 192 431 

Facilitator: bess
Notetaker: Chris Awre

Event Recording


  1. Welcome to newcomer's (1-2 min.)
    1. Welcome back to Bess! Bess is now working, as of this week, for DCE as a developer and trainer.
  2. Quick Roll Call (3-5 min)
    1. See the attendance list below.  Please add your name if you were on the call!
  3. Presentations (30 min)
    1. Steve Van TuylMichael Joseph Giarlo - Sufia / Hydra Mediated deposit - walkthrough of current state - see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-9w-bgaZfs&feature=youtu.be 
      1. Steve presented on mediated deposit within Sufia, and has also created a video on YouTube covering the same workflow demo (see link above)
      2. The work came out of a community requirements gathering exercise to assess what features were required to make mediated deposit work
      3. There has a been a work cycle between Sep and Dec 2016 working on implementing the requirements identified.  A further work cycle between Jan and Mar 2017 is also now being taken forward.
      4. The work is focused on getting the functionality into Sufia, and it will then be moved into Hyrax for any ongoing attention.
      5. The work has involved 8-9 participants from an equivalent number of institutions.  This is the same for the second work cycle, but if others wish to get on board then they are very welcome.
      6. The development has been a real community effort, and a very positive one.
      7. Next phase - add more flexibility in how workflows can operate, and how roles can be given better permissions on different workflows.
      8. It was noted that the workflow tooling helping to implement mediated deposit could be used for other purposes as well. 
  4. Call for future presenters (1-2 min)
    1. No current takers, but always great to hear about work that is ongoing.  A great way to get feedback from others, too.
  5. Upcoming Calendar Events: (5 min)
    1. Hydra Camp at Emory University - https://hydracamp-emory-2017.eventbrite.com
      1. Apr 17-20
      2. Start from basics as usual, but expand into how this then builds into Hyrax and Hyku.
      3. Information on the syllabus is on DCE's website (see https://curationexperts.com/our-services/hydra-camp/).  Contact Mark if you have any queries.
    2. Advanced Hydra Camp Minneapolis - https://advanced-hydracamp-mpls-2017.eventbrite.com
      1. May 8-11
      2. This is the first instance of this advanced camp, aimed at those in the Hydra community who have been working on Hydra and wish to have some focused learning on how to improve what they can do.
      3. Bess is developing the curriculum and looking for input on what it would be most useful to cover - contact her with ideas.
      4. A syllabus will be put in place, but, as ever, there will be a chnace to adjust this at the start of the week to ensure the participants get what they want from the camp.
      5. Facilitators will be: Bess, Adam Wead, Justin Coyne, Tom Johnson and Mark.
      6. There is a rough maximum occupancy of 20 attendees.
    3. Midwest Fedora User Group Meeting 2017 - Feb. 28 - Mar. 1st
      1. The Art Institute of Chicago is organising this.  See the link for details.
    4. Hydra Connect 2017 update (Evanston, IL)
      1. Nov 5-9, based at the Hilton Orrington
      2. Final details are being confirmed, then an email announcement will go out.
      3. The structure of the event will be the same as in 2016.
    5. West Coast Hydra Regional Meeting 
      1. Although on the same day as the next Partner call, everyone on the West Coast is welcome in Santa Cruz.
    6. Hydra Partners Meeting - Spring 2017, date survey: https://goo.gl/forms/40RFXKaqT0bWZb5F3
      1. A Partners Meeting is being proposed for the Spring in place of Power Steering.
      2. See the survey for queries on dates and feeding in on ideas for what the meeting should cover.
      3. Setting a date early was urged to make it easier to get travel sorted.
    7. Any additional events?
  6. Facilitator and notetaker for February 10th Call
    1. Notes: newmanld (University of Cincinnati)
    2. Facilitator: Carolyn Caizzi (Northwestern)
  7. Next Call: February 10, 2017


  1. shanita (DCE)
  2. Mark Bussey (DCE)
  3. Carolyn Caizzi (Northwestern)
  4. dfrost (DRI/TCD)
  5. Margaret Mellinger (Oregon Digital/OSU) 
  6. bess (DCE)
  7. James Griffin (Lafayette College Libraries)
  8. newmanld (University of Cincinnati)
  9. Jocelyn Triplett (old account) (University of Virginia)
  10. Chris Awre (University of Hull)
  11. Maria Whitaker (Indiana University)
  12. Rick Johnson (U. of Notre Dame)
  13. Mike Korcynski (Tufts)
  14. Nabeela Jaffer (University of Michigan)
  15. John Weise (University of Michigan)
  16. kestlund (Penn State)
  17. Karen Cariani (WGBH)

  1. Richard Green (Hull)
  2. Tom Cramer (Stanford)
  3. wgcowan (Indiana University)
  4. we'll miss you if you're not with us (sad)