Developer Track - Wednesday 6/5 Afternoon

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Release Management

  • Review on Committers call when possible (or convene emergency/security call)
  • Have at least two institutions agree on release
  • Have at least three individuals trained to do releases at any time
  • Document release process
  • Make sure releasers have appropriate access
  • Q2-Q3 Junta: Drew, Jeremy, Justin
  • Follow (and/or update) the release process as documented under  Release Manager Responsibilities

Open Items - Changelogs

  • Why do we need changelogs
  • Therefore what should be in them
  • How do we make something that meet the above requirements with minimum friction
  • Jeremy will write script to generate changelog/history based on commit history

Hydra Tech Lead

  • Is there a need for an individual/group to focus on making Hydra better
  • Is there a need for a clearing-house function
    • On committers calls
    • On e-mail list
    • Other
  • Is there a need for someone to advocate for refactoring, elimination of tech debt, non-sexy plumbing stuff?
  • Not yet, there's not enough pain here?


  • How do newcomers know where core is headed
  • What is core?
  • On the Horizon
    • Rails 4
    • F4/FF
      • RELS-EXT
    • Smaller Solr Docs (permissions, auto-generated elements)
    • Is there a plan afoot for Hydra 7.0.0 - not yet?
  • Make Hydra less painful for new folks (i.e. developers) to adopt
    • documentation
    • Hydra gem
    • track current rails and make ActiveFedora mirror current conventions as closely as reasonable


Commit Process

  • Follow up on 6/10 Committer's call


Blacklight Issues?