April 12, 2013 - Hydra Partner Call

Hydra Partners Call -- 12 April 2013


  • Richard Green, Hull (Facilitator)
  • Adam Wead, Rockhall (Notetaker)
  • Jon Dunn, IU
  • Bess Sadler, Stanford
  • Robin Ruggaber, UVa
  • Carolyn Cole, PSU
  • Mark Bussey, DCE
  • Chris Awre, Hull
  • Steve DiDomenico, NWU
  • Steven Anderson, BPL
  • Rick Johnson, ND
  • Anders Conrad, RLD
  • Eben English, BPL
  • Ray Lubinski, UVa
  • Karen Cariani, WGBH
  • Tom Cramer, Stanford
  • Ed Fay (LSE)
  • Mike Giarlo (PSU)


  1. Roll Call
    1. Welcome New Folks
  2. Call for Agenda Items
    1. NWU is working on its corporate CLA
  3. Next Call
    1. Date: May 10, 2013
    2. Facilitator: Mike Giarlo, PSU
    3. Notetaker: Steven Anderson, BPL
  4. Stanford March Partner Meeting (+ LCDX^4)
    1. Feedback
      1. "Gemification" - explanation and progress report (Mark, Rick)
        1. Recyclable functionailities that can be built into hydra heads, ex. collections, workflow, admin, others.
        2. Rank, Interest, and Availability for Gemification for Solution Bundles
        3. Hackfest possibly in the works for the June meeting in Boston
        4. "microgems" to add in functionalities to create heads that implement certain features
      2. Hydra gem v6.0.0 "Fleecevest" - explanation and progress report. Documentation. (Mark)
        1. Understanding "Hydra" version versus a collection of gems in different versions, ex. hydra-head, AF, OM, etc.
        2. Hydra releases =~ linux distros: a version of hydra that consists of a bundle of gems, via bundler
        3. Second-level dependencies, i.e. gems depending on other gems, is currently creating some problems
        4. Bess: will this work? Mark: yes, just need to work around the issues with bundler
        5. Richard: Documentation?  Mark: label documentation with the version and move the docs closer to the wikis in the relevant github repos
        6. Richard: the "Hydra gem" that is released periodically as complete, stable version, suitable for installation and "proper" documentation
        7. Mark: reduce documentation size to cover only the relevant Hydra bundled releases
      3. What does the Steering Group do?  What do partners do?  Rebalancing the listed responsiblities. (Tom)
        1. We're getting bigger, do we need to change responsibilities viz. steering/partners?
        2. Go back to the wiki page outlining community page and update based on our more recent activity
        3. Robin: Steering as stewardship; making sure things happen; recruiting new partners
        4. Richard: look at  Community Governance Discussion at March 2013 Partners Meeting
        5. Tom: partners vs. tech; some on one and not on the other, so send notes to both lists if needed
      4. hydra-announces list (Richard)
        1. low traffic, read-only for announcements
      5. Training and materials for managers and sysadmins (Bess)
        1. Hesitation over hydra due to systems limitations, tensions between devs and sysadmins
        2. Assuring managers, add element to hydra camp for sysadmins
        3. devopts in Hydra, puppet recipes for Hydra
        4. Steve: using puppet and vagrant for Avalon
      6. Training the trainers - First a TA stage then nomination by other trainers.  Working group will codify.
        1. Mark: intentionally replicated training process, encouraging other trainers, variable-length sessions (hours to days)
        2. Adam: code4lib precon was very "organic"; happy to share/help, etc.
        3. Bess: encouraging training with incentives
        4. Bess: OR training, put out a call to the list
    2. ToDos
      1. Plan for Strategic Planning meeting + Developer hackfest again in December
      2. September meeting theme - Solution bundles?
  5. Standing Community TODOs
    1. Next Partner meetings
      1. Boston:  Dates pinned down and announced. How's the attendee list looking?
        1. Steven: go ahead and register for hotels
        2. Karen: please note food allergies
      2. Plan to have September meeting (Rockhall?) pinned down before the Boston meeting - try to remain one ahead (Adam)
        1. Hosting a meeting in September won't be possible because of space limitations
        2. Dan Coughlin has agreed to host the meeting at Penn. State.
    2. Training
      1. Updates on Fall Hydracamp in Boston (or east coast)? (Mark)
        1. Reach out to potential partners in the Boston area
      2. Others?
        1. Tufts is a possibility
      3. An "awareness" meeting in Europe during the fall?
    3. OR13 – anything to discuss? (Tom)
      1. Proposed tutorials have been accepted
    4. Strategic plan: where are we? are we on track?  See:  Progress against the 2013 Strategic Action Plan (Tom)
      1. Matrix for tracking the items in the strategic plan
      2. Strategic Planning for Hydra
  6. Updates on Action Items
    1. Begin process of posting Workshop and HydraCamp content online to support self-directed learning for folks who can't attend larger workshops or conferences (Mark)
      1. Sent links out on Matt's latest tutorials on Hydra and OM
      2. Would like some feedback and will plan others, such as rights management
  7. Prospective Partner Intel Sharing
    1. U. of Cinn. and Art institute of Chicago
    2. Case Western Reserve, might be coming to Boston
    3. Yale will be at the Boston meeting
  8. Partners / Steering Exchange
    1. Anything Steering wants to communicate to Partners
    2. Any issues at the Partner level that should be escalated to Steering