January 11, 2013

Hydra Partners Call -- 11 January 2013


  • Mark Bussey, Data Curation Experts (Facilitator)
  • Mike Giarlo, Penn State (Notetaker)
  • Robin Ruggaber, Virginia
  • Jon Dunn, Indiana
  • Adam Wead, RRHOF
  • Richard Green, Hull
  • Lynn McRae, Stanford
  • Bess Sadler, Stanford
  • Chris Awre, Hull
  • Mike Stroming, Northwestern
  • Edgar Garcia, Northwestern
  • Rick Johnson, Notre Dame


  1. Roll Call
    1. Welcome New Folks
      1. No new folks  (sad)
  2. Call for Agenda Items
    1. Request for OR2013 planning
  3. Next Call
    1. Date: February 8, 2013
    2. Facilitator: Adam Wead, RRHOF
    3. Notetaker: Mike Giarlo, Penn State
  4. Updates on Community TODOs
    1. Contributor License Agreements (CLAs)
      1. 6 individual CLAs, 3 corporate CLAs returned
      2. ACTION ITEM: All to encourage colleagues to return iCLAs
        1. Check  /wiki/spaces/samvera/pages/405211654 to see if your colleagues are on there
      3. If you need rows added to the list in the above bullet, email Richard Green
        1. ACTION ITEM: Mike to send Richard Carolyn Cole's info
    2. OR2013 preparation
      1. ACTION ITEM: All to think about and share OR2013 proposal ideas on Partners list in advance of next call
    3. Next Partner meeting
      1. Date ideas proposed by Stanford, discussed by Steering so far
        1. Linked data pre-conference (Bess leading): Sunday, March 24
        2. LibDevConX^4: March 25-27 (all or part of the 27th)
        3. Hydra Partners: March 28-29
      2. Can enough partners make these dates? Would like to make sure a quorum will be in attendance
        1. Mike (+1 or 2) from Penn State planning to attend 
        2. Adam cannot attend
        3. Jon probably will attend if travel/holiday logistics permit
        4. Rick probably will attend if travel/holiday logistics permit
        5. Northwestern unclear (ACTION ITEM: Mike S. to look into this)
        6. UVa?
        7. Stanford?
        8. Duraspace?
        9. DCE will send Mark and Justin
        10. Hull?
        11. Columbia?
        12. LSE?
      3. ACTION ITEM: Bess to distribute Doodle poll with March partner meeting options to Partners list
    4. Training
      1. Pre-conference workshops at code4lib 2013
        1. RailsBridge
        2. Intro to Blacklight
        3. Intro to Hydra
      2. DCE did private Hydracamp in December
      3. Possible open Hydracamp at Trinity College Dublin, tentatively from April 8-12, 2013 (DCE leading)
      4. ACTION ITEM: Bess and Mark to compare notes
      5. ACTION ITEM: Adam and Mark to connect and plan c4l13 Hydra workshop
    5. Documentation framework
      1. Bess and Richard have begun reviewing, tidying, and re-organizing DuraSpace wiki content
  5. Updates on Action Items
    1. Tom to send a list of who's on Hydra-Partners
      1. Notetaker missed whether this needed to be carried forward
    2. Tom & Mark to send out documentation on the charter & purpose of Hydra-Partners list & calls
      1. ACTION ITEM: Mark to push this forward
    3. All to send a monthly partner update
      1. Stanford
      2. Hull (DONE)
      3. Virginia (DONE)
      4. DuraSpace
      5. DCE
      6. Notre Dame (DONE)
      7. Northwestern (DONE)
      8. Columbia
      9. Penn State (DONE)
      10. Indiana
      11. LSE
      12. RRHOF (DONE)
  6. Prospective Partner Intel Sharing
    1. One prospective new U.S. partner in the pipeline. Not public info yet.
  7. Partners / Steering Exchange
    1. Anything Steering wants to communicate to Partners
      1. Nudge to return signed CLAs (individual and corporate) as soon as possible
    2. Any issues at the Partner level that should be escalated to Steering