December 14, 2012

Hydra Partners Call -- 14 December 2012

Tom Stanford
Richard Hull
Chris Hull
Mike Penn State
Adam Rock Hall
Robin UVa
Steve NU

1. CNI- Hydra Conversations and Fedora Futures
2. Debrief last week's Hydra meetings at UCSD
2. Partner calls moving forward
a. Monthly email update


CNI Debrief
-> partner prospects growing. Virginia Tech and Brown both investigating and/or moving towards Hydra
-> Fedora Futures. 75 people (standing room only) gathered at CNI to hear about Fedora rewrite. Eddie Shin leading an iterative dev effort to refactor / renew the Fedora code base with a cross-institutional team of devs. There will be an upgrade path. First 6 months = sprint.

Debrief Last Week
Two tracks:
1. Steering / Strategic Retreat
2. Developers track

Steering / Strategic Discussion
- Make sure we all have the same vision for the Hydra Project
    - Wrote a set of independent vision statement. Compared. Lots of resonance on Community.
- Discussed Fedora Futures wrt Hydra. Lots of overlap and needs.
- Discussed MediaShelf's evolving role wrt Hydra, and its move to Digital Curation Experts
- Recognized need and opportunity for Solution Bundles to grow and strengthen the community
- Shored up and clarified plans for docs / outreach to prospective adopters -->
    "Why Hydra, what is hydra" based on different personas
- Continuous documentation improvement
- Increased intentionality on the migration & support path for older versions
- Training -- need to scale, offer more training more times a year in more locations (worldwide)
- Going worldwide in connecting developers and partners together. 3-6 active institutions in Europe now, e.g.
- Engaging staff at local institutions -- like Yale UX staff. What can they do? What about metadata staff? Policy & service mgmt
- Partners--engaging them more, giving them a bigger role

- How can we get cross-institutional development stood up and robust? We really have a need for code-sharing, not just  independent (highly overlapping) heads
- Need to clarify differences between adopters and partners. Need to equip would-be partners with reasons in what they gain from becoming partners. A share of governance, a share of direction setting.

Partner Calls
- Do the monthly Email Updates
- Track progress on community to do's from month to month
    - e.g., CLA's, OR prep, training, doc framework
- sharing intelligence on prospective Partners
- 2-3 minutes every call for any SG:Partner group discussions...
- Rotate facilitator and note taker for each monthly call

[  ] Tom send a list of who's on Hydra-Partners now to Hydra-Partners  or Hydra-Tech, with a call to enroll
[  ] Tom & Mark send out documentation on the charter & purpose of Hydra-Partners list & calls
[  ] Everyone: send monthly partner updates

January Call
- Facilitator = Mark B.
- Note Taker = Mike G.