May 11, 2012

Hydra Partners call, 11 May 2012 8:30 AM PDT

Tom Cramer, Jessie Keck, Chris Beer, Naomi Dushay (SU); Robin Ruggaber, Ray Lubinski (UVa); Adam Wead (RockHall); Mike Stroming, Steve Didomenico (Northwestern); Dan Brubaker-Horst (ND); Matt Zumwalt (MediaShelf); Chris Awre (Hull)


1. logistics for June Partners Meeting at Charlottesville
2. agenda for June Partners meeting at Charlottesville
3. Hydra MOU and 1 page partner letter of agreement


  • Brown Science & Engineering Library is in walking distance
    • has numerous breakout rooms
  • Monticello tour planned for Weds night. $45. Sign up on wiki Attendees list
    • Himalayan Fusion for Weds night tentatively planned

Agenda additions:

  • Version hoe-down: What version are people at, and how are people upgrading, what are the upgrade paths, issues?
  • How can local institutions best keep pace with keeping local apps in sync with latest developments?
    • taking advantage of new features
    • avoiding unmanageable technical debt in leaping from
  • distinct but related issue: what system components are people running hydra stack on (OS, server)
  • OR12
    • detailed plan for Hydra Workshop
    • detailed plan for HydraSphere
  • Fall Webinars for DuraSpace
  • Training
    • Penn State has offered to host HydraCamp in Fall. Going to be at Penn State w/ dates TBA soon
  • Hydra Partner Show & Tell
  • HH5 – update & planning
  • Hypatia sync up (if Ben A. is attending)
  • Dev topics:
    • process for deprecating & removing code
    • UI code modularization
  • Code license review, rationalization, standardization

Additional attendees? Robin will ping several partners to see if they will be attending

JoDI Article on Hydra published last month

  • link to from Hydra Web site and wiki

Ariadne Article on CLIF (Hull) also published.

MOU Update

  • MOU Update and Letter of Agreement done
  • distributed to Partners shortly
  • license agreements are an open item; to be approached in next month