October 14, 2011

Agenda for 10/14/11 Hydra Partners Call

  1. status of Rails 3 / hydra_head merge
  2. Component release managers – quarterly schedule
  3. RIRI update (on Hylandora discussions) - Notes , PPT
  4. Hydra Camp update
  5. Potential Partners & inquiries update
  6. Reminder: Hydra Partners in December, at Stanford
  7. Reminder: hydra-users list vs. hydra-tech list
  8. Call for http://projecthydra.org news items
  9. Partner agreement documents
  10. Blacklight at DLF

Notes from Call

Chris Awre
Matt Zumwalt
Rick Johnson
Adam Wead
Mike Stroming
Steve Domenico
Tom Cramer
Lynn McRae
Bess Sadler
Jessie Keck

Rails3 merge.
  • RC next week. End of next week--either RC2 or final release.
  • file assets bugs only open item right now
  • 3.0.1 would include the Level 3 JS progressive enhancements from Joe
  • Hydra Campers will be smoke testing the install next week
  • all other tests passing
  • Matt will invite hydra-tech to test the RC
  • multiple partners will be pulling down RC in short order to deploy locally (Hull, RockHall, NWern, MediaShelf, Stanford)
Component Release Managers

AF - Justin
solrizer - Eddie
hydra_head - Julie
web site - Richard

term is from 3.0 release to next Partners meeting
should designate this in the Hydra Wiki
may also be good to update leads in Jira


discussions on rightsMD, contentMD, solrizer
possibility of XACML to rightsMD mapping. Need to explore further
plan for post-C4L sprint at Stanford with Islandora devs

Hydra Camp

Attendees from Tufts, Penn State, NW, WGBH
Curriculum stabilizing and increasingly mature

Potential Partners

IU, RIRI canadian institutions, UCLA (Hylandora), Columbia, US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Website & Wiki Update:
  • update with info on hydra-users list
  • update with info on IRC / freenode
  • component leads for Fall, post 3.0 release
  • more info on data streams and exemplars from various sites
News Items
  • Seaside portal launched (soft-launched) - ND
  • Variations on Video
  • RockHall update
  • Hypatia demo
  • Hydra 3 release
  • LSE building a mobile interface
  • Hull data set grant
  • UVa ETD support
Partner MOU and CLA docs

expecting a response from Stanford and UVa counsels today on comments from SG discussions at NWern

Blacklight @ DLF

Rick Johnson
Chris Awre
James & Rob
Stanford 4