Relationship with DuraSpace

DuraSpace is a founding institution in the Hydra collaborative community.

On an ongoing basis, DuraSpace Provides

  • Jira Hosting
  • Wiki Hosting
  • Visibility
  • Hosting of xml schemas (persistent URLs)
  • Attention WRT integrating with Repository (Fedora)

We provide

  • A rich, innovative community of adopters
  • Diverse front-end interface bundles for Fedora Repositories
  • Establishing & documenting best practices for working with Fedora
  • Ruby Libraries for Consuming Fedora APIs
  • Integration with Ruby on Rails
  • contributions to Fedora (ie. optimistic locking of datastreams)
  • use cases for Fedora (ie. optional datastreams in CMA)
  • funding for Development (ie. FeSL)