Hydra Managers at Code4Lib 2015 (proposed)

Proposed – Get together for any Hydra Managers who may be attending Code4Lib 2015


  1.  develop more manager tools
  2.  manager training modules?  useful?
  3. what key information for managers is not readily available that should be?
    1. what can we do to change this?
  4. follow and help out with the Hydra for Service Managers interest group: Hydra Service Management Interest Group

Time: <suggestions>

We've decided to meet at Lunch on Wednesday (2/11) – Lunch is provided by the conference.  We'll find a place to sit together in/near the Ballroom.  If you are looking for us,  Linda will wear a red jacket.  This is Linda:  http://en.gravatar.com/newmanld

  1. Thursday (2/12) afternoon
  2. <suggest alternate time here>


Place near conference venue:

     Lunch (Conference Ballroom) – we'll find a place to congregate in/near the Ballroom  – Wednesday.  



  1. Linda Newman (Cincinnati)
  2. Karen Cariani (WGBH)
  3. Casey Davis (WGBH)
  4. Matt Critchlow (UCSD)