Agenda: Kick-off for Developer Congress October 26, 2023


Required roles: Host, note-taker 

Developer Congress 2020 slides were created for this intro and go through agenda item 3 (they are in the Samvera Connect 2020 Google drive presentations folder)

  1. Welcome! (host should flesh this out with things like how great the turnout is, etc)
  2. Goals of this event
    1. Build our developer community
    2. Advance our shared code bases
    3. Mentor one another
    4. Have fun
    5. Close tickets
  3. Code of Conduct
    1. Note: leverage whatever the main conference does here, there will probably be updated information
    2. Make sure to get the brief version from the main conference and actually read it out loud.
    3. Also get pointers to the full code of conduct
  4. Introductions
    1. Usually we go around and have everyone say their name, their pronouns, their institutional affiliation if any, and brief motivation or area of interest. These should be very brief. Host will need to call on people. Call on organizing committee first to set expectation of how long to go.
  5. Topic introductions
    1. Each topic with a facilitator; host will call on each in turn
    2. Any topic not on the list. Note-taker should add them to the list as they come forward.
    3. Confirm that each topic has a facilitator; call for facilitators for any that don't have one. Any topic without a facilitator should be removed at this point.
  6. Distribute Participants
    1. "This is just to give everyone an idea of how many people are interested in each topic"
    2. Ask everyone to find and test the zoom "Yes" button.
    3. To find the "yes" button: Click on participants, it's at the bottom in green. (TODO: Create a slide with a screenshot of the zoom window, and a screenshot of the popup.)
    4. Host will read through the list of topics, participants will raise their hand if interested.
    5. Note-taker will note counts. This helps people gauge whether they want to work on a topic in case, e.g., if you were going to facilitate but there wasn't enough interest to form a group.
    6. You don't have to stay with the same group the entire time. If you've proposed a group but also want to join another group for some amount of time please just keep everyone updated in Slack.
    7. Encourage everyone to take 5, then get a communication channel set up. Remind that each facilitator should add their slack handle to the list on the wiki so anyone wanting to join late knows who to ask in slack.
    8. If people produce any documentation as part of their group work, ask them to link to it from the topics page