Proposed: Samvera End User Documentation Working Group

Scope & Objectives

This working group is focused on developing a written set of end user documentation (not documentation for developers). User documentation is a type of technical documentation content created to help end-users understand how to use a product and troubleshoot common issues. In this case, end-users can refer to stakeholders, librarians, staff, curators, or other library users of a product, rather than the end-user patron, student, faculty, etc.

The purpose of having a community-based documentation group is to provide institutions with a good foundation of documentation to shorten training times, increase user success, and help others learn the product quickly.

Deliverables & Timeframe

This group will determine appropriate deliverables, to be outlined in the first meeting.

This group will convene in February 2023 with a goal to present outcomes at Samvera Connect in Fall 2023.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Meeting Times -

Communication Channels: 

Slack channel #end-user-docs


  • Jessica Hilt (UC San Diego)



Meeting Notes