2021 Autumn Developer Congress: December 1st, 2021

GitHub Project

Group Updates

  • Hyrax-Valkyrization Testing
    • Tickets updated in the MVP list
    • The FileSet and AdminSet issues are outstanding and still blocking other, related issues
    • Other issues needing testing?
      • Not specifically, creation of Works as acceptance testing
      • Creating issues in nurax-pg in response to any new bugs
  • Hyrax-Valkyrization Coding
    • In Hyrax, added postgres adapter support in Hyrax rspec tests
    • In nurax-pg, added documentation for working with Users and Role in the Command Line through Hyrax::RoleManagement gem
    • In nurax-pg, added disable_wings=true to the hyrax initializer instead of depending on environment variable
    • Working on adding code to support default admin sets that don't depend on using hardcoded DEFAULT_ID.  Postgres adapter doesn't support assigning IDs.
    • Next up is updating the admin set controller to work with Hyrax::AdministrativeSet resource instead of AF AdminSet
    • Alexandra advanced Docker Container work further yesterday
      • Chris was supporting this by testing this, and, if available today, shall be looking to try and test the creation of object
  • Rails 6 Support
  • Samvera Documentation Refinement
    • Recommendations are welcome as well as content
    • Marketing WG has led these discussions
  • Update Hyrax Install Documentation
    • Julie and Jon were working through the README this morning, and there were difficulties for starting the application within the containers
      • Fedora failed in one environment for the Container, the Rails application failed in a different environment 
      • Jon was trying the build with the 3.2.0 in order to try and troubleshoot this
    • Getting a container running successfully is really the highest priority
    • This afternoon, at 14:00 EST there will be another session

Additional Discussion Items

  • We did meet and discuss the Hyrax::Ability module
    • Tamsin refactored single methods into multiple methods
    • There are two PRs, one still a draft