October 14, 2021

Connection Info: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://zoom.us/j/99775069812?pwd%3DZVhIUlgwSTg2aklGcmxFVzFCelZ5Zz09&sa=D&source=calendar&ust=1633528436504090&usg=AOvVaw11pkHYrvRSzsK7_uP4pnNm

Topic: Samvera Connect 2021 - Program Committee
Time: 3pm Eastern 

Slack #connect2021pc

Email list: connect2021pc@samvera.org


  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • @Rick Johnson

  • @Karen Cariani

  • @Robin Lindley Ruggaber

  • @Kevin Kochanski

  • @Ilkay Holt


Agenda Items

Update: Valkyrie workshop canceled, will be offered multiple times in coming months

  1. To do:

    1. waiting on timing for Q&A of 1 poster

    2. Need to reach out to WG/IG update folks and ask if they want to drive their own slides, or combine for their session

    3. Practice time coverage 10:30 am EDT each day

    4. attendee message tomorrow: URL access; Poster session; community building; other notes?

    5. speaker message: best practices doc edited from last year https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uH8f6algv9Fczg5IE44ypvkzT4cdOWY58qMESiUSl2c/edit?usp=sharing

    6. Message in Connect channel? What did we do last year – helper list, URL

    7. Confirm instructions for self-deposit of slides – heather will test

    8. Need to create a wiki program page – Ilkay will do this

    9. adding webinar URL to all sessions; here is the attendee URL for all days:

    10. Need a host for community building Wed 2pm

    11. Set up final attendee survey from a copy of this: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oWQgmDUHsgfkdVQeyAqR0PYdllYaPN_4wM14OJklgA4/edit?usp=sharing

    12. Schedule for hosts

      1. Monday – Heather

      2. Tuesday – Ilkay

      3. Wednesday – Kevin

      4. Thursday – Rick

      5. Friday – Heather

    13. Opening slides for each day: Here is a draft