September 16, 2021

Connection Info:

Topic: Samvera Connect 2021 - Program Committee
Time: 12pm Eastern 

Slack #connect2021pc

Email list:


  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • @Jeremy Friesen

  • @Rick Johnson

  • @Karen Cariani

  • @Robin Lindley Ruggaber

  • @Kevin Kochanski

  • @Ilkay Holt

Agenda Items

  1. Review work in progress

    1. CfPs – 2 workshops and plenty of sessions

    2. Keynote speaker information received

    3. Registration via Eventbrite to Sched is ready to go

      1. Information to add?

    4. 14th and 15th for posters and workshops (both workshops on 15th)

    5. IG/WG/Tech leaders spreadsheet

  2. Opening registration

    1. Writing an email – can promote workshops and keynote, and single registration step

    2. Add to wiki homepage

    3. add information to eventbrite registration page

    4. promote in Slack

    5. promote on twitter

  3. Building the schedule

    1. Timing sheet review

    2. If this math is right we can run 3 hrs per day and accept all proposals, potentially add a second break

    3. Next steps for building the schedule?

      1. What tool to use?

      2. confirm with speakers

      3. load in sched and check for accuracy

      4. release schedule

      5. add lightning talks and posters in early Oct