Survey and notes from 2020 Connect Online for review

Conference survey:
Conference Review  (+/Δ)
Nervous about the workshop but it went off without a hitch. Had help and a breakout room helper was good.
Not clear if people were paying attention – hard to be interactive when you can't read the room
Need to look at a way to cap attendance for workshops that need that
likely to speak for longer when you can't take in reactions from the audience
Other tools (Jamboard, miro, etc) might help to make it more interactive and collaborative, more like a workshop. Could suggest to workshop organizers
Well attended, good twitter discussion, though provoking
Did hear feedback that it is nice to hear from speakers who are researchers and using repositories for their work – connecting why we build these things
Numbers were good across the board
three hours felt like the right amount of time. More than that is too much.
Wish it had been possible to block off the time, it is so tempting to keep working and not give the time you would if it were in person. Less about the dates and more about expecting too much. 
Could find ways to encourage managers to model the same behavior of giving the conferences time
great conversations on Slack
Encourage presenters to do a practice session to learn the software
Need to account for the time needed to introduce, review code of conduct, and not cut into first presenter's time
Distribute good practices for accessible introduction ahead of time
WG/IG updates
Quick and seamless; helpful to those not as connected to community activities
Lightning Talks
Interesting, flowed well
Community Building Events
Not many people
Ones attended went well, particularly conversational groups
Could have a longer groups on off days
Suggestion of a set of presentations or conversations about global topics/specific concerns of different countries and regions
Poster Sessions
went well, 30 min session was right length
Could we encourage more posters?
Program Committee  (+/Δ)
Everyone found helpful
Google forms
Can live on Samvera G Suite now
Google drive
Now have Samvera-based shared drives
Worked well
Communication timetables
seemed to work well
Presentation submission evaluation
Jeremy will write up