June 29, 2021

Connection Info: https://emory.zoom.us/j/94981415282?pwd=U2xsNStsRE9pZmJ3M0RVM0owWnZrZz09

Topic: Samvera Connect 2021 - Program Committee
Time: 1pm Eastern 

Slack #connect2021pc

Email list: connect2021pc@samvera.org


  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • @Jeremy Friesen

  • @Rick Johnson

  • @Karen Cariani

  • @Robin Lindley Ruggaber

  • @Kevin Kochanski


Agenda Items

  1. Welcome

  2. Additions/changes to agenda

  3. Review resources:

    1. notes from +/Δ from final meeting and conference survey: Survey and notes from 2020 Connect Online for review

      1. Workshops

        1. Need to cap attendance

          1. How to balance capping while also making sure the class is full. (e.g., 30 RSVP, others get shut out, but only 15 show up)

        2. Tools to help workshops be more interactive

        3. Message to presenters: use tools to promote engagement, turn cameras on, plan for an variable final attendance

        4. Message to attendees: RSVP responsibly

      2. Keynote speaker

        1. Look for someone who uses research and tells a story potentially

      3. Registration

        1. Was confusing

      4. Schedule

        1. Seems like we’re on the same page about 1 track as its logistically easier to plan and also prevents people from having to make tough decisions

    2. Connect Online event guide https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P_XlNoEwE4ZcD9V9w-JdDVNbvHu43Kc2lTVZ2NI-880/edit?usp=sharing

    3. Sched virtual event guide: https://sched.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/VIrtual-Events-Checklist.pdf

  4. Dates: October 18-21 were in-person dates; add the Thursday workshops-Friday plenary the week before as last year?

    1. Oct 14-15 and 18-21

      1. 10/14 - workshops

      2. 10/15 - plenary

      3. 10/18-10/21 – sessions

      4. Daily time slot - 11:00 - 2:30 Eastern

  5. Timeline for important tasks:

    1. Conference website and wiki pages - by 7/8/21

      1. Will make a page on Samvera.org as the landing spot that links out to wiki as necessary

      2. Not worry with wordpress, but wiki is potentially too confusing to use for a landing page

    2. Save-the-date - ASAP (nowish) - by 7/8/21

    3. Conference logo/sticker design

      1. Call for community to contribute a logo?

    4. Secure keynote speaker

    5. CfP

    6. CfP extension

    7. Registration open

      1. Prep program ahead of registration and include workshops for registration?

    8. Review/finalize proposals, workshops, poster sessions

    9. Social events

    10. Program release

  6. Software

    1. Upgrade to our Sched level could prevent some of the registration and workshop issues from last year for +$300

    2. Zoom - who can host a webinar?

      1. Last year it was Indiana, with Jon Cameron’s help

      2. This required some reserving since IU had a limited number of accounts

      3. Emory also has this capability

  7. Poster Sessions

    1. We did it with sessions individually scheduled

    2. Felt like this was a success, so maybe repeat what we did in 2020

  8. Facilitator/Chair?

  9. Possible regular meeting time/date?

  10. Action Items:

    1. Reach out to Indiana re: zoom and dates

    2. Create conference landing page on samvera.org

    3. Kevin will ask Notch8 if they’re interested in providing a conference logo

    4. Schedule next meeting:

      1. Thurs 7/8 12:00 Eastern

    5. Next call:

      1. Nail down CfP Workshop Date

      2. Nail down CfP Presentation Date

      3. Review thoughts on finding a Keynote

      4. Review logo plan