Known Issues

This documentation is current for Release 7.3

Managing Content

Manual Creation, Editing, Deletion

  1. After saving the Manage Files page without uploading any files, attempting to upload files later results in an error - #2387
  2. File names with single quote characters result in errors during ingest (also applicable for batch) #4444
  3. Error When Selecting Shortcut Links in Google Drive #4541

  4. Batch ingest with pre-transcoded derivatives on s3/minio fails to ingest properly #4970

Item Access

  1. Item lease with a date range assigned to an IP address gives access to the item even beyond the date range - #2081

Avalon Media Player


  1. Structural metadata with undefined sections causes unexpected behavior in the track scrubber - #3047
  2. Error text may intermittently flash during seeking or scrubbing:


  1. Within an iFrame, the media player does not resize - #2961
  2. Embed login popup does not auto-close when using devise DB authentication - #3885


  1. Captions are deselected when moving to different section in Safari. Users need to click the captions button to re-enable captions when a new section starts playing - (more information)
  2. Closed captions are not displayed in full-screen mode in iOS devices - #4935.
    • Possible workaround - once the player is in full-screen mode use iOS player's controls to enable captions.
      1. Open player captions from the menu in bottom right corner
      2. Select captions in the order of; 'CC' and then 'English' options


  1. The latest version of Wowza Streaming Server (4.7.8) is not compatible with Avalon - #3799
  2. Missing values in Avalon's controlled vocabulary configuration file results in 500 errors -