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Draft proposal, until agreed on and joined by members from at least three Samvera Partners.

Scope & Objectives

The Developer Onboarding Working Group is interested in creating documentation and other resources that can help Samvera development teams onboard a developer who has no Samvera experience.

Multiple teams have gone through the challenges of onboarding developers. This working group will draw on those efforts to create a body of resources for this task. To that end, the group may work on some of the following, or come up with other ideas:

  • Collect information on strategies that help;

  • Create a curriculum to guide the learning process;

  • Create an inventory of resources that are currently available, such as the new Samvera Q&A sessions, the Developer Congresses, and mentor program; 

  • Update architecture diagrams;

  • Document important things to know about the code;

  • Collect links to external resources such as tutorials and blogs; 

  • potentially document tips from experienced developers.

To achieve these goals, it would probably be helpful for this working group to include supervisors who have faced the challenge of developer onboarding as well as senior developers on whose shoulders this task has fallen in the past; new developers could also help significantly in the identification of pain points. And as always, the group will welcome anyone who thinks this work is important and is willing to help complete it. 

Deliverables & Timeframe

The deliverable will be online documentation and resources to facilitate onboarding a development team member. These will be discoverable from the Samvera wiki.

A second deliverable will be a proposal on how to maintain this information current.

The group will plan to complete this work by the end of 2021 or maybe until Spring of 2022 -- depending on how deep the group accepts to go with the work.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

On the agenda of the first meeting, which will be scheduled following a doodle poll made available to interested community members, will be the decision about meeting frequency and meeting schedule. The group will use the existing Samvera communication channels such as mailing lists and slack channels.


Note that Working Groups must have participants from three different Partners.  All members of a working group producing software must be licensed Samvera contributors covered by the appropriate CLAs. Other types of contributions such as requirements, design, best practices, documentation, etc. - do not require CLAs but participants should accept that the materials to which they contribute may be released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License..

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