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Kevin Kochanski (Notch8)

Nabeela Jaffer (Michigan)


Charlotte Nunes

Nora Zimmerman


2- Demo of Deep Blue Data from University of Michigan Libraries

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          Nebeela Jaffer introduced Jake Carlson who demonstrated the service. The demo recording will be made available. A few things to note are: 1) the service is actually two systems - pen for docs and one for data in addition to ICPSR which is on campus as well, 2) they use Globus for stable, secure, persistent large data downloads 3) interoperability - Restful APIs for access other than the UI of the web application. 4- The team reports under the publishing arm (which is under the Library). 4) There are plans to contribute back the analytics work. 5) If a dataset is over 3GB is being downloaded, Globus download is the only option but Globus can also be used to upload/ingest data to Deep Blue Data (DBD) 6)Notch8 is working to provide Globus Up/Down for Rutgers based on the work from UNich and Duke. The resulting gem will be contributed back to the community.