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Samvera Partners Call
Friday, February 12th, 2021
11:30 am  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-05:00)  |  1 hr 


Kevin Kochanski (Notch8)

Nabeela Jaffer (Michigan)Ja

Charlotte Nunes

Nora Zimmerman


  1. Any other items for the agenda?  
  2. Demo of Deep Blue Data from University of Michigan Libraries
  3. Overview of Steering Group winter retreat discussions (Rosalyn Metz)
  4. Monthly newsletter items 
    1. Current calls to action from the Samvera Community Asks page
    2. New link for the Samvera Community Event and Meeting Calendar

    3. In case you missed it - January news round-up

      1. New Fedora Demo Video - rocfl

      2. Hyku 3.0 Released

      3. Hyku on YouTube: DOI Minting demo

      4. Fedora Migration Paths and Tools Project Update: January 2021

  5. Two new Working Group charters
    1. Samvera Tooling and Values Working Group charter
    2. Hyrax Development Support and Engagement Working Group charter

  6. Anything to raise with the Steering Group (standing item)

  7. Date of next call: March 12th, 2021 Lafayette Digital Repository demo
  8. Notetaker for next call:


1- Additional items for the agenda?  no additional items and kicked off 11:30, 32 people attended 

2- Demo of Deep Blue Data from University of Michigan Libraries

Widget Connector

          Nebeela Jaffer introduced Jake Carlson who demonstrated the service. The demo recording will be made available. A few things to note are: 1) the service is actually two systems - pen for docs and one for data in addition to ICPSR which is on campus as well, 2) they use Globus for stable, secure, persistent large data downloads 3) interoperability - Restful APIs for access other than the UI of the web application. 4- The team reports under the publishing arm (which is under the Library). 4) There are plans to contribute back the analytics work. 5) If a dataset is over 3GB is being downloaded, Globus download is the only option but Globus can also be used to upload/ingest data to Deep Blue Data (DBD) 6)Notch8 is working to provide Globus Up/Down for Rutgers based on the work from UNich and Duke. The resulting gem will be contributed back to the community.

3-Overview of Steering Group winter retreat discussions (Rosalyn Metz)

SG met in January. 1) Several potential fiscal sponsors presented and used a rubric to evaluate the fiscal sponsors. SG will put out a recommendation in a few weeks along with the rubric used. 2) Julie Alinson Award was discussed 3) Fundraising efforts were reviewed and further proposals were discussed in particular a IMLS proposal to further develop Hyrax. 4) Explored member/partner benefits