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  • Hyrax Maintenance Working Group update - tamsin and Julie

    • Hyrax Maintenance WG no longer actively working - tamsin and Julie only folks working on things related to Hyrax. New Maintenance WG members getting started with Jan. 25 sprint - with new members

    • Some issues still on project page for Hyrax 3.0 but none are breaking/blocker issues. Getting ready to tag RC3 and get it deployed on Nurax for successful deployment. Julie needs to check in with DCE to see if they are still ready to go on deployment. 

    • Community Ask for January-June 2021 (starting January 25)

      • Good response - not quite to the developer staffing that was originally asked for (2 half-time developers) but we do have 1.5 developers. One person will be on all sprints and another can only be on about 3 of the sprints. Other folks signed up to help with QA and github testing. Would like another half time developer to work on the cycle. Ask around if you may know of any developer who can help.

      • HM WG members: tamsin johnson, Jessica Hilt, Rebekah Kati, Crystal Richardson (or someone from Notch8), Daniel Pierce, Jeremy Freeson

  • Topics and Projects

    • Hyrax Interest Group Proposal and Ask (December 2019)

      • Proposing that Hyrax Interest group not have responsibility for backend issues with Hyrax but evaluate some of them and relay to Maintenance WG. Interest group for folks who want to jump on and learn what’s going on with Hyrax; product owner (Julie) will ask Interest group what to prioritize, particularly with tickets re: to Hyrax.

      • Updates from institutions who are working with Hyrax as part of Interest group calls.

      • Will IG help with Roadmap? Yes, needs further discussion. Roadmap hasn’t been updated for a while. Julie will update link on Hyrax IG page and put the roadmap on the next meeting agenda.

    • Google Shared Drive

      • All meeting notes will live in the Samvera shared google drive.

    • Hyku news

      • If someone from Hyku Interest Group is on future calls - will share info. Will have more info to share at upcoming Hyku IG meeting on Jan 28.

  • Questions?

  • Next meeting: Monday, February 8, 11:30am Eastern