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  • Summary of preliminary grant proposal to IMLS
    Two-page version submitted to IMLS.  Support from IU, Northwestern, WGBH, Cornell, UCSB, Emory, Notre Dame.  Requested $300k for contracted development work over two years.  Decision on moving to a full application in March (or so).
    JD to create a 'public' version of the document to go on the wiki.
    Need the 2021 Fundraising team up and running in January to support the project team.

  • Report out for Samvera Partner meeting - Fall 2020
    Copy of full two-page document (above) to be made available to Partners.
    RG to nudge Lyrasis for end September financial statements to inform report back to the Partner Meeting 14/15 October. (tick)

  • Re-chartering for 2021?
    What does the Fundraising Team need to look at in 2021 apart from the 'obvious'?
    Find a way to raise additional funds to support a Technical Coordinator.
    HF to draft a new charter so that the 2021 team can start quickly in January.

  • Next meeting?
    No decision.